To make the choice of quality kitchens easier user seen it really to choose the appropriate
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Modern kitchens have become an integral part of home furniture, so interest in forms and design is very important in the kitchens of especial is open Kitchens.

The exhibition play this important role you'll be doing all types and designs and materials it would be easy to check to make sure the quality of a large part of Alsace home.

All we need only $ 25,000, which we will facilitate its implementation without much trouble and I did not worry about the idea successful Bnasseh 99% or rather the failure rate exceedingly very low.

If you can not contribute financially you can publish the project may have reached a one supports us financially.

Thank you...........

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Al Gharbiyah, Egypt
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Name: Momen El halpy Age: 22 years old Skills: creativity and skill in the manufacture of kitchen-art design and professional design kitchens 3D on the computer

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An electric mixer
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Cooker plate in
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