The Designer Child project aims to teach children graphic designs & explore and Build their skills based on a good foundations.
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The Designer Child Project


My name is Amin Alkarak, a graphic designer from Damascus, Syria. In 2014 due the war in my country I had to leave my hometown and find a better place to stay. I traveled to Turkey. I am staying today with my own family in Mersin city in Turkey. We have been staying here for almost five years. Three years ago, all Syrian schools were closed by a government decision in Turkey in order to integrate with Turkish society. Our children had to learn in Turkish schools, which contributed to creating tension and squabbling . 

in another hand, the different language and lack of understanding of the Subjects and the explanations of the teachers.Therefore, they resorted to isolationism, or to play outside the house and fight with other children.

This is what pushed me to the idea of my project (The Designer Child). I want to use my experience in the field of graphic design and teach children a creative art. It’s a wonderful and creative digital art that most of the future generations will use and develop, not only in media but in many concepts in their life. As we can see in our daily life, digital media is everywhere at homes, supermarkets, hospitals, buses and on the roads, almost ever place we can find graphic design. 

Every place we find graphics and advertising and have a fundamental role at it is the hub of the age. learning this art in early age develops the mind of the child and makes him make fun of creativity and innovation instead of wasting time in the use of mobile and computer in things that lead to chaos, and finally failure.

My goal:

(The Designer Child Project) has never been mentioned before, I believe we find who can teach children drawing, music or other arts, but graphic design is often directed to adults. It maybe thought to us that graphic design will not be understood by young children, but I believe that the child has the intelligence and perception, and I will provide it in a simplified and smooth and appropriate to their age. Every day we see children under the age of 5 years, innovating in all fields of arts because they found who can develop their talents. I personally feel it within my children, so I would like to develop it with our children so, that they have at least a future and a creative career in the event of conditions do not allow them to pursue their university education.

What do we need for the project implementation?

The Designer Child Project needs

- A place dedicated to the training of children Licenses for the project at a price of $3000.

- 10 computers & accessories distributed by children at the rate of one device per two children at $5000.

- Projector to display lessons and Blackboard to explain at $550.

-  chairs and tables to fit children devises at $800.

- office printer to print designs of children at $350.

What drives you to support my project (The designer Child )?

This project is a great step in education field of young generation. It will Keep our children away from the addiction they experience with smartphones and increase their creativity. It is their right to learn a creative subject especially after suffering from the war in their Country.

We in (The Designer Child Project) inspire the inherent talents within each child. I believe that every child born has a talent.  We must take his hand and guide him to the right path with full support and training.

“If you liked my project and could not financially support it, help me publicize the project so those interested in financial support can help”.

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Adana, Turkey
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My name is Amin Alkarak, a graphic designer & Art Director from Syria.I am specialized in advertising designs, corporate identity design.

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