Little things make a big difference in the form of your home, such as Alkhaddadiat and Altablo
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

The idea of ​​decor is a project that aims to change and beautify the home with less possibilities and the best price and highest quality raw materials.

Asma Mahmoud Hussein from Egypt graduate of the Faculty of Commerce and this project I hope my life from the time I just love and adore the very art over commerce.
I am a graduate of the Faculty of Commerce and work in Mhahb company manufactures cloth, curtains and furniture in all its types.
In exchange for funding the taxpayer gets a percentage of the shares or choose goods from displayed and calculated at cost him.
All I ask for help, even if it is money that divulge the campaign and Isoqgua her.

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Cairo (Al-Qahira), Egypt
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I love the decor projects because they intervene gain choise but more importantly they give an aesthetic view and a very great psychological comfort .. I am my current job in an accountant in the company but loved the decor…

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$10 or more

100 Available

Cushing's and Tablohilt and Bova, printed, printing the latest digital formats
$50 or more

50 Available

Tableaus Digital printing on wood fram
$70 or more

30 Available

To sit comfortable and fun
$100 or more
→    BOOF

15 Available

Boof is magical inside the culvert to store the stuff
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