Campaign DaFa - Our right to feel warm in winter (50 thousand sweaters for the children in the north of Syria)

In 2019 there are still tens of thousands of children living with their families in tents in northern Syria without enough winter clothes !
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Hello : 

I am Abdullah Hamad. I am 33 years old from Syria and currently live in Canada (Montreal). I have been in Canada with my mother since 2017.

I have a Master’s of International Humanitarian Law and I worked with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the International Committee of the Red Cross since the beginning of the war in Syria. I am a first-aider and first aid trainer. I also worked with the UNHCR between 2015 and 2016 in several projects in different affected areas in Syria.

I had the opportunity, through this work, to become aware of the suffering of civilians, especially children in the camps in northern Syria, in the harsh winter of those areas, and to gauge the great need for winter clothes for these children.

While I was there, I helped as much as I could and did everything I could, but despite that I felt sad and helpless sometimes
Because children in particular are not responsible for what is happening. Their only sin is that they were born here in this difficult place and harsh time. Individually,  I could do very little.

So, I decided that I would continue to work on this when I moved to Canada, but this time I will not work alone. I will try to spread this issue in my community and ask all organizations here in Canada to help and also people around the world through ZOOMAL’s website to join in this humanitarian work

I believe that this kind of work needs the solidarity of all and the contribution of all those who wish, even if this contribution is modest. Together we can achieve a lot.

The main goal of this campaign is to raise $ 26,000 to help around 500 children living in the camps in northern Syria get winter clothes that keep them warm during the cold winter.

These funds will go to (OCHA)- the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.  Because this organization is present and active in the north of Syria, it is best able to deliver these clothes to people who are in dire need of them .
Even if we cannot achieve the full goal and reach the required amount, we will send all we can collect but inevitably the number of children beneficiaries will be fewer if we raise less than the target amount.

The financiers will be provided with the final report and detailed photographs of each step of the campaign after collecting the required funding.

Your contribution to this campaign is the basis and without this solidarity we will not be able to achieve our toal. Therefore, any contribution, even if it is modest, makes a lot of difference for these children. It is also unnecessary that the contribution be solely financial.  You can also help by posting the following link as widely as possible in social media or circulating it in your community. This could have a  great impact on the success of the campaign.

With cooperation, we create a better world.


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Iam Abdullah Hamad I have a Master’s degree in international humanitarian law and I am a certified instructor in disaster management. I have a passion for humanitarian work and for raising awareness about disaster response gained from my experience working…

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