Coffee shop with Reading areas for children and adults.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Culture is life for me; as I believe that a person with knowledge is a person who can endure all the tough times he/she could experience in life at all sides of life. Knowledge broadens the horizons of people and makes them able to achieve what the hope in their careers and also personal lives and even pass it to their children through understanding. 

Knowledge is to know something about everything, and Education is to know everything about a thing. They are obviously different but they meet in the very resource of both; that is Reading. Books are loyal friends that give people all the knowledge and culture they need to broaden their minds and help them grow smarter. Books are the treasure of all treasures. 

I always experienced the effect of a cup of coffee with a good book in the early morning and how happy I feel through these moments and all day long. I have always imagined what would happen if all the people around whom I love feel the same feeling I experience every time I have both Good Cup of Coffee and a Good Book. 

Leave me here and I will never be lost, you will always find me here. My favorite place when coffee and books melts become my best friends. My future wife noticed how happy I am when I have Coffee with a Book so she suggested that why we do not help everybody around us to feel such happiness, and she came out with the Culture Club Idea. Culture Club is a cafe with special arrangements of relaxing and quiet with special areas for Reading for both children and adults.

It is a community based combination. We are flexible as we work according to the community we are in. We do not just take the oath to give back so we are targeting to works with the NGOs to solve some social problems and challenges here in our communities.

It is a good project for me with great benefits to build my own business and I am sure it will bring good profit to me but it also has a good cause for the people in my community. Benefit here is on more than one aspect, helping people plays a great role in the success of such idea.

Now we come to the reason for Funding, Ineed to make a place that can deliver its message, as I need:

  1. First, I need to provide to seating areas, tables and chairs, managed in a good shape with two book sections for both children and adults. The books will be displayed on these sections with general knowledge, variety of magazines with differnt specialities, newspapers from every where, short stories, educational books, some books in different languages other than Arabic and English and puzzles for both children and adults. 
  2. Second, Soft sound system for background music for a cosy and relaxy atmosphere for a cup of coffe and a book.
  3. Third, Kitchen equipment of different kinds and a display cabinet.
  4. Fourth, a few tables away from the books area for sitting for snacks.

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Asyut, Egypt
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I am Mohammed Atef Mubarak. I am 29 years old. I am from Asyut, Egypt. I am an English Teacher and Translator at a private language school. I have worked as English Teacher for more than five years now to…

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$500 or more

4 Available

A very special book plus a special gift about ancient Egypt
$1000 or more

4 Available

This is for the libraries, bookstores, magazines...etc that could help us and we can offer them free sponsership for their logos and names that will appear in our Culture Club freely.
$2000 or more

2 Available

One of the two seating areas will be named by your name as a thank you from each one get a book from this section and asks whose name is on the wall.
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