Justice Sword The First Real Sword Fighting Game With Arabic Heroes Ever

Justice Sword Game makes you live in the age of Arabian heroes through interesting action game. Be one of Crusades War Heroes !
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Why did we start this project?

Was a dream for me while I was working in Japan, when I have seen the huge spreading for Japanese manga, anime and mobile games, and how it was impacting the Japanese culture so much. Moreover, it was carrying this culture to other countries when they see these anime or playing these games.

I was thinking that if I could make a game inspired with Crusades War period and it will be very helpful for our generation and even younger generation to know and get familiar with such important piece of their history through an amazing game, specially when I saw how was my kids love these kind of games.

So I started this project with my Japanese partner(an excellent game producer) to bring my idea into life.

What we have done

At the very beginning of development, we wanted to make our game particular compared to other traditional action games.

So the first purpose was determined to provide ever realistic and dynamic fighting experience in contrast with other games full of fantasy actions and magics.

And we determined the second purpose to create new multi-play mechanics between players which gives them much more fun and helps establishing a new community of game.

Then we started our demo version with no hesitation.

After long consideration, we decided to create a mobile game dedicated for duel of sword.

During the development, we concentrated at simulating real human fighting physics.

Demo version of this game was published to Google Play Store recently and you can find it here.


In the Demo version, our hero 'Emad Eldin' start our first mission in Aleppo saving a princess named 'Golnar' who is in danger by crusaders occupied the city.

We implemented equipment system for sword, helmet and jacket.

Since our demo version was published, we found that many users love our game and they inspired us to progress this project further for final success.

Currently we reached nearly 500 downloads in 2 months, and occupied most countries in Middle-east, Europe, America, South-east Asia, and Africa including Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, United States, Canada, Brazil, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, United Kingdom, Norway, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan, and Nigeria, over 39 countries.

What is our future plan

To bring our game to final success, we need to socialize our game which means users can play against each other online and share the achievements with their friends, not only providing sole play against crusaders following the history of crusades war.

So we planned some cities of new type which should not be occupied by crusaders and where Arabian Knights are gathered and trained for future battle against crusades army to free their land.

In these cities, the players can do the training battle against other players by 1:1 or n:n(team battle) mode.

After growing self up(upgrade weapons, armors and experience by winning in the battle) during the training in these cities, player can continue his harder mission against crusaders.

There will be also a challenging mode in 1:1 battle between challenger and champion.

And also away match between two different cities will exist.

For 1:1 battle of away match, only champions can take part in that match.

And for n:n battle of away match, election rule will be applied to elect candidates.

The winner's city will increase the city value which means the reward of each battle in that city increases.

At the other hand, loser's city will decrease the city value.

By the way of addition, there will be a skill verifying system for entering into city, various items of medal and star which you will actually experience and understand in game in the future.

For telling about the weapon, sword is varies at length, weight, and damage.

Heavy sword gives more damage to enemy, but causes slow fighting action which gives enemy more chance to avoid.

Long sword is good for attack enemy before he approach closer, but weights heavy in common.

So good sword is the one of 3 factors are well-balanced.

Try to own better sword after winning the battle!

Finally, we are going to implement facebook integration for our game so that players can share their achievements in the game with friends and grow up sociality.

Of course, we will put more missions player have to follow depicting crusades war history dramatically that involves Akka, Antakia, Damasqus, and AI-Quds.

Player will save people, kill wicked crusaders, and punish robbers along the way of missions in the game.

And that is why we need your support through "Zoomaal"

In order to implement our plan, we need your help and our financial plan is like below if we are successfully funded.



Complete current Aleppo mission


Implement new mission - Damasqus


Implement Survival mission for endless battle


Implement  1:1 PvP battle


Implement n:n (team) battle


Integration with social media like Facebook


What will you get

As a backer for our game project you will get free coins, gems, and eternal energy for continuous battle during the game play when you register in the game with your facebook account after facebook integration.

The Impact 

I feel sure that if this game come to life with our full scope, it will help our Arabic Youth society to get familiar about an important period of their history. And give then an amazing, useful way for entertainment.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t finance our project, you can support us by sharing this through social media and telling your friends about it.

Thank you for your attention.

Looking forward your support!

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$5 or more

997 Available

Energy point increase after specific time passed. If energy reach to zero player cannot fight anymore. But after purchasing eternal energy through IAP, player can fight without consuming energy. But for backers, we'll provide eternal energy free.
$5 or more

1000 Available

Normal users started with 0 gems. While game backer will start with 10 gems
$5 or more

996 Available

Normal user starts with 100 coins. Backer will start with 300 coins.
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