The bus is used to distribute food to the hungry, support those passing through hardships and tend to the sick
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CrossTalk’s bus is a Bus for the Needy.  The main objective of buying the bus is to help achieve and fulfill CrossTalk’s humanitarian objectives, by supporting orphans, underprivileged families, refugees, lonely and elderly people. The bus will also be used to distribute and deliver food and clothes to the hungry and poor people.

Your contribution will help put a smile on the faces of children in orphanages by delivering to them gifts, toys, clothes and food

Your contribution will help feed the hungry 

Your contribution will help spread joy to the blind

Your contribution will help take care of the sick

Your contribution will help educate the illiterate

Your contribution will help support those going through hardships

We created this project "Support Bus for Needy" on and looking for your help to raise funds for my project , please check my project and if you cannot contribute financially it would be great if you can spread the word about it 

19 Nov,2018

Lama Khayr
17 Nov,2018

Joan andari
29 Sep,2018

claudine aoun
27 Sep,2018

15 Sep,2018

Nayla abuhamad
04 Sep,2018

27 Aug,2018

27 Aug,2018

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A colored bracelet to wear as a beautiful reminder that true giving is indeed receiving!
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A free meal for 1 value of $16 @ CrossTalk or delivered
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A free meals for 2 value of $33 @CrossTalk or delivered
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“Enjoy Fasting and Enjoy Fasting Plus” cook books with daily vegan well tested recipes by CrossTalk
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