To train children and develop their skills in the technical creative handicrafts and various a
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

I am Mohamed Mustafa. I work as a trainer for the works of technical and handsets and innovations and inventions and recycling and training on music and painting and arts for children.

I do training through advertising on my page on the social networking sites to declare special workshops to children in the field of recycling of cardboard or plastic, for example. And it announced the venue of the workshop, and often have a restaurant or club or garden. The kids contact me and participate in the workshop and then I'm doing my processing of raw materials for children and then interviewed in place and the exact day and doing my training in the artistic works, music or painting.

And with your help. I can work I want to start up my  training center for all  kids on artistic creativity, whether in manual arts, painting, music, acting, photography, theater and human development and inventions and innovations. Because the  Child needs to be on the high capacity of the culture and skill than being able to face the future and is capable of innovation and development.

Bills in detail: the establishment of a training center and cultural training for children to develop their skills and creative in all fields and the arts. And also the work of training workshops outside the center and outsource other trainers in various fields, such as development of mankind, theater, music ...

And spread the idea of ​​training through the work of decorations manufacturing workshops or Clocks or painting or music in various places by buying a car be a special place, and be equipped to take on the team of trainers and also ores working and workshops for children in provinces and different places.

And it is the center is equipped to receive children from the age of 3 years up to 16 years per day and train them on what suits the age of creative skills and develop their ideas step by step to become the children I am creative.

Also it is equipped with the center and furniture, which helps kids to develop their skills and what benefits them to work and innovation

The amount needed to start the project is $ 20000 and will group spent the creation and processing center and equipment and necessary furniture

In case of failure to achieve the target completely. Will be money well spent to help children develop their skills on the creative and cultural rights in all areas.

Both help me set up my project. It helps to spread awareness, Development of creative children and will receive a T-shirt imprinted (Support children Innovators) or innovation-making, however, the kids through private training workshops place as a book Envelope way innovative or gifts made but the kids as the opening hours wall or wooden books or a box of candy decorated with hand children or things made by children.

In case he will help companies work banners and advertisements for them inside the center and passed on to the Home Center and the Center calls and identification cards. And on social networking sites and pages own draft.

Only with your support can create your center to train and help children creativity in various fields. And I can train a larger number than I had previously, and I can provide them with raw materials needed for invention and creativity and develop their skills.

Aspire bills spread across the world that day what I am doing training workshops in various places in the world and collect the kids for training and creativity in public places or parks or training centers 

I was able to work by training workshops for creativity and invention we make with the kids lampshades office or lighting for office by re-industrialization of the special cola plastic bottles. And also our own home is lit when put inside the money or currency from old cardboard and recycled. Ramadan lanterns and manufacture of plastic and glass water bottles. And other things that will help us to make ourselves. Training children to play piano music, singing. And outstanding drawing and coloring and the use of clay in gift packaging and manufacture of greeting cards and photo frames.

Help me finance can not. I ask you to publish the news of my campaign, and the idea of ​​bills on social networking sites

And that you will use the means of exchange and participation in zoomaal . Because with your helping only my project will achieve the goals  . And achieve DEVELOPMENT creative and really should always have in the Arab world  children appreciate the creative future best science, training and innovation and development. Because our children are our future. And with your helping only the future of our children will be better  and your participation and helping  you can help us to  set up Creative Center to discover and develop the skills and talents of children.

 Thanks for the complements. you care for development and creativity, and I ask you to support and publishing of my idea and bills

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انا محمد مصطفى اهتم بمشاريع الاشغال اليدويه و التصنيع و الابتكار و اكتشاف اشياء جديده . فقد قمت بتدريب الاطفال على الاشغال الفنيه و الابداعيه لمدة كبيرة . و اتعامل معهم باسلوب لائق و اسلوب تدريبى و تعليمى مميز و…

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$5 or more

500 Available

T-shirts imprinted with the word to support children's creative. Medal or the kids creative slogan.
$20 or more

100 Available

Folder or book for training on handmade art works and small inventions.
$20 or more

100 Available

Become a member with us in a creativity center and get the card of the center and brooch slogan of the Center
$40 or more

100 Available

Certificate printed with your name in the frame. Written on it Thank you for your support creativity Arab
$50 or more

100 Available

The kids manufactures Clocks and lightings and wooden gifts and books and photo albums in the workshops that I trained them for making things that will help us. I will present things created and invented by the kids hands imprinted with your name as thanks you for your support
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