The first handmade market place for crafters and clients to serve the handmade needs throw the middle east with trust and fair for both.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Project Idea

It's an e-commerce website, Allows vendors to sell items and customers to buy those items. 

All the difference between this web application and other e-commerce web application that all the vendors should sell "Handmade" items only they made it. 

As a client.

First of all we all in love with handmade items, But not everybody knows where to find good items and how to purchase it. 

Does it deserve money or i'll get something else on delivery?

Should i trust the seller? and why do i have to trust seller? 

Our project gives you all those problems solving.

Where to find the handmade items?

Project give all handmade maker a "Seller" membership, Every handmade seller could establish his own store on the website and start selling his own products with his own prices.

How can you trust seller?
You don't have to trust seller, Once you choose your item you pay it's price to website and we should hold your money 14 days to check and be sure that everything is correct. 

What if i got a wrong product or there's something wrong with quality?
We guarantee the quality of products and it should looks like the pictures placed on the website.

Regions that website serves?

website serves the whole middle east.

What do you gain from project?

We gain a percentage from every seller's total sales.

As a Seller.

Most of good handmade makers couldn't establish their own store, Or even make marketing campaigns and gain money from their work. 

We help them with establishing a store on the website, Make good campaigns on social media for their work, Photography and design their work to increase sales.

Then as a seller you get:

  • Your website.
  • Customer attraction.
  • Our support.
  • Problem solving if there's some problem with your client.

Where do we spend money?

First Milestone:





website development
5 weeks
Designs and campagins
3 weeks

Second Milestone:

Marketing plan
3 weeks

Third Milestone:

Mobile App
8 weeks

We've got many people could help in the team working on the web application, And we're going to make all those people work together to make this project grow up.

If you can't help us funding this project, Please spread the work and share throw all social media and blogs.

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Cairo (Al-Qahira), Egypt
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Digital Marketer and UI/UX Developer, Living in Alexandria, Egypt. In love with business and business base building, A partner in different project throw 2015:2017 and Wanted to make some brand new project for crafters and handmade lovers.

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