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Rasheed22 invites all generations to practice mindful, sustainable coworking and learning
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 01 Mar,2015

This project has not been successfully funded. Sorry!

Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

This is Rasheed22 speaking, your family-friendly coworking space with a mission: to offer the place & community needed for making things happen - for meaningful gatherings and work, in Heliopolis/Cairo (Egypt).




Rasheed22 as been around for some time, to be precise, since fall 2006.

We are a coworking space mostly for those who already know what they are doing.

And we aim to be sustainable in every way:

We actively encourage people to consume less in a more sustainable way. Reducing waste, reusing and upcycling, buying local are concepts we stand for and which we practice.

In 2015 we plan to (re)launch a clothes and book swap, and offer healthy locally produced food in cooperation with Gogreen Markets and possibly other suppliers.

We will also continue to serve as a neighbourhood collection point for recyclables, in cooperation with Misbah al Mudii NGO.

We are running this campaign to secure the additional funds needed to do more than just cover operational cost (which we cover through contributions from the space  users).

To grow and develop our space and services further, we need many more people - like you - to pay it forward, or buy services from us and the Rasheed22 coworkers, virtually or in Cairo.

To continue our work 'in style', we are planning to invest in our space, and need to make our existence less dependent on external factors. We are looking to fund the following:

1. secure our base: we aim to set up a revolving fund of EGP 18.000 (approx. USD 2.500) to support new keyholders until they can contribute fully to our cost sharing (we request each keyholding entity or individual to contribute between EGP 500 and 1000 per month, to cover rent, utilities and maintenance);

2. kick off and scale up community service: we need an estimated EGP 10.000 (USD 1.500) to upgrade and revamp our swap and shop area with proper shelves, a fridge and some paint on the walls;

3. make our space more cosy: to install a sustainable, ecofriendly airconditioning/ heating system, so we can happily work in winter, and in summer. We also want to give more care to our garden and outdoor work space. We aren't sure how much this will cost exactly, and assume about EGP 10.000 (USD 1.500) are a good start.

Our overall aim is to create and maintain a perfect place for people: to us, Rasheed22 is not just a work space, it is our home and more like a living person - we care for someone we love :)

Rasheed22 is located in a heritage building, maintenance needs great efforts and much money ... but it is paid back with a unique atmosphere which rewards plentiful for all effort, suffering and expenses!

By supporting us and contributing to our campaign, you immediately become one of the Rasheed22 careholders: we will reserve a special place in our hearts for you!
You will be able to proudly say that you are contributing to meaningful work in one of the most special neighbourhoods of Cairo.

The Impact

What counts for us is the social impact Rasheed22 achieves.

Our visitors are a very diverse crowd: since we kicked off the coworking idea back in 2006, we had artists, social initiatives, NGOs, 'normal' start-ups, technology projects aka techies and geeks, and students work from our space.

We don't target any specific group, nobody is excluded, everyone invited - we just ask for mutual respect and care for space and people, always following our theme "give something, take something ... and remember to wash your own mug, and a 2nd one!".

Our cause is to nurture and support those who are ready to give, too. We have chosen to remain independent from any affilitation.

Our primary interest is in supporting the Heliopolis community, those active around us. We are well connected and always willing to help local initiatives.

We strongly believe: social responsability - including environmental sustainability - is a practice, not a department!

Other Ways You Can Help
Rasheed22 is always open to explore ways of cooperation and support that do not involve money: please speak to us about your idea and how you think the wider Rasheed22 community could support you.

We operate on one basic principle: give something, take something - the secret is the balance in the value added for everyone involved!

You can regularly find info and links to interesting people and initiatives connected to Rasheed22 on our facebook page  and our website.

For those who want to know a bit more about our history, take a look at the following:


spot the familiar faces - makers at Rasheed22 some years ago

Rasheed22 was started by Uli as early as fall 2006 with the intention to offer inspiring workspace and community with like-minded people, for freelancers and independent professionals in search of this. From the beginning, the space was set up as a family-friendly space, welcoming accompanying children, too.

Struggling to define itself and its mission, Rasheed22 went through different mutations (amongst others, it was trying to become part of The Hub network until spring 2011), eventually found its name and started to become more active from spring 2011. Nowadays, the space is home to various social initiatives and start-ups as well as small enterprises. And we are what we wanted to be - a family-friendly community coworking space in the heart of Heliopolis, in Cairo/Egypt!

In the past, we have been featured in newspapers and various other media, follow these links to some original documents and footage: a video interview about Rasheed22 with one of our hosts, a newspaper article or simply  search on http://www.wamda.me for 'coworking' and 'Cairo' ...

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Uli, German, in Egypt since 1998 Obviously passionate about community and sustainability, also learning in the widest sense and hacking schooling :) I'm also part of the global Art of Hosting network. In my freetime I love to read, hike…

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$1 or more

498 Available

Just virtually drop some coins into one of our cost contribution boxes, in return for a coffee - or a tea, when you come visit us next time
$10 or more

500 Available

receive a postcard with greetings and signatures from the Rasheed22 community - and use the postcard as a voucher for (your next) one day work at Rasheed22
$25 or more

98 Available

In exchange for USD 25, we will give you 3 transferable vouchers for one day coworking at Rasheed22: use them for yourself or share the joy with friends.
$60 or more

17 Available

Your generous contribution will pay to keep us online for a month: in exchange, some of our coworkers will help you with an online challenge 'of your choice' - you will receive virtual support to develop a simple website, add a tab on facebook, ...
$160 or more

5 Available

With a contribution of the equivalent of EGP 1000, you become one of us: the keyholders. We are the people who regularly work for and from Rasheed22. We will send you a 'key' to hold, invite you into our online keyholders group, and give you a voice in our decisions. If and when you are in Cairo, you can exchange your 'model key' for a real one and one month free access to Rasheed22.
$200 or more

9 Available

While in Cairo, learn (almost) everything you always wanted to know about the really interesting social entrepreneurs in town! We will organise everything according to your interests, plus all expenses (excl accomodation) on us!
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