Composting: a solution for garbage problem

This Project will help raise awareness in the village on how to be more environment-friendly.
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Arab Salim, South Lebanon


The villagers of Arab Salim and the farmers from nearby villages.


This pilot project will help raise awareness in the village on how to be more environment-friendly. The large amounts of garbage being disposed from the village could be recycled, composted, and put to better use.


Live Lebanon will provide Nidaa Al Ard NGO with composting containers. The idea of the NGO is to support by providing 100 garbage bins and enough soil and other materials for 100 houses that will be a pilot project to start the composting project. The villagers will be trained on best practices of implementation, and will be monitored on daily basis since the landfills will be done on personal basis each behind his/her house. Then the team of Nidaa Al Ard will be responsible for collecting the composted garbage and sell it to the farmers as natural pesticides with very low prices. The composting process will be monitored by professionals where the villagers of Arab Salim will be trained through awareness campaigns, and assisted during the composting process by an experienced engineer.

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