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Short Summary

We're two long time friends; Dana and Ramy working on separate startups but both struggling to find a cool space to work from and usually ending up at LeftBank or AUC.

Dana is the CEO of an ecommerce site that curates, styles and sells high end fashion from emerging designers around the world. She's gone through the accelerator process and is currently working on scaling her startup and growing her team of 3. 
Ramy is working on his Dad's company while also working on an investment fund with his long-time friends. Although he has access to his Dad's office, he'd prefer to be working alongside other young people. Unfortunately, one of his two partners is across the globe in NYC while the other has a corporate position making it unfeasible to set up an office. 
So, we thought, what if we built an office space while adding all the practicalities of a corporate office, and all of the creativity of some of the world's most desired employee complexes?
As small business owners ourselves, we set out to create the perfect environment for our work. In the process, we recognized that this would also contribute a missing piece to the entrepreneurial pipeline in Egypt whereby most post-accelerator startups don't know where to go. 

As we dug deeper, we found that Dana was wishing there was a space that catered to the fashion industry's needs more. A space with a built-in studio for example that would house different designers, magazines, e-commerce sites and PR companies, all working symbiotically from one space. 
Thus the idea of industry-specific coworking spaces emerged. 
In the meantime, Ramy was doing a lot of site visits to his father's compound in Ain El Sokhna and truly began to realize the untapped potential of having a workspace conveniently 50 minutes away from the bustle and noise of Cairo and a few steps away from the Beach. He imagined it to be the perfect place where individuals could unplug for the weekend but still manage to get a bit of work done.
Thus the idea of city-getaway coworking spaces emerged. 
Together we hope to launch and open a series of coworking spaces around the country each specialized in their own sector (providing different services) while also expanding geographically into different areas such as Sokhna, Gouna & Sahel.

What We Need & What You Get

At the moment, we've found an ideal Cairo space in Kattameya as well as our perfect spot in Ain el Sokhna. However, in order to get Colab Cairo up and running, we need at least $10,000 to be spent on furnishing and building costs, office expenses and the initial rental costs pre-revenue generation.

Once Colab Cairo opens its doors, we plan on having:

*Communal tables for individuals to plug in and work alongside others.
*Pods for individuals or small teams to work out of for brief periods of time away from everyone else
*Office for teams to work out of; 24/7 access 365 days a year.
*A Cafe where people can take a break, grab a meal and have a chat with other workers.
*Meeting rooms that are bookable by any of our members
*Cross-memberships for our other Colabs so if you're a member at one, you're allowed access to our other spaces.

The Impact

As recent fresh grads working within the startup mayhem realm ourselves, we know how crazy things can get within your company. There's no need for office space and leases to be an added issue to deal with. By making Colab Cairo happen, we're hoping to create a space that's easy to join and hard to leave. We want Colab Cairo to provide the platform for startups to startup colaborating and working together for a greater good. 

Other Ways You Can Help 

We'd love it if you could help us make some noise about our campaign! Facebook, instagram and tweet to help make Colab Cairo happen; we'd be eternally grateful!

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Dana is a soon-to-be graduate from AUC where she's dabbled into Economics, Food History and Fashion Design. She founded VITRINA, the first fashion magazine at AUC then went on to be incubated at Flat6Labs for her startup Coterique. Dana is…

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