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Cheer’EmUp is a new organization and the first worldwide to help teenagers and youth to get over their depression and life problems.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Cheer’EmUp is a new organization and the first in Egypt to fight depression, for the first time there is a depression therapy online and for free!

If you need to talk to someone or feeling depressed our job here is to get you out of the mood and make you a feel better.

A volunteer in our organization will chat with you online on our website and help you to get over your depression moments, advise you and be your friend.

Our privacy policy is extreme that the only thing our agents will see is your name and only the name to create a comfortable situation for you and feel better and safe.

We need 1000$ only to grow up the website more and spread it all over the arab nation for a better generations

What you get from us is your children will learn how to express their feelings by helping them to get through their life problems since their parents generation is not the same of theirs 

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Al Jizah (Giza), Egypt
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I am 18 years old Egyptian student who's ambitious to leave a mark in the world, i made tons of websites online and i have marketing experience, as i thought of this idea i knew it going to be big…

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