International Cat Club of Lebanon

Raise awareness of cat treatment. Link the chain of cat adoption, castration, and work for minimizing homeless. Events and free consultancy.
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Short Summary

Event Hub of Cat Lovers

The Club's main objectives are to raise the awareness of proper treatment of domestic cats, to link the sources of cat adoption with the the potential fosters, to raise awareness of importance of castration, and to work for minimizing the number of street cats in Lebanon.

Aside from the above moral objectives, the club will launch and plan events for Cats varying from gatherings, festivals, and competitions or championships. Gatherings and festivals will contain workshops and awareness campaigns in collaboration with international cat clubs, governmental and non-governmental organizations. Competitions and championships will be hosted in Lebanon and will be hosting domestic cats as well as catteries, and cats will be witnessed by International Licensed Judges who will be able to examine the cats and be able to issue Breed Certification which will help cat owners in Lebanon to issue an International Pedigree for their kittens resulting from breeding of certified cats.

What We Need & What You Get 

The Club needs to fund the first event which will hosts cats from Lebanon with their owners. The event will be partially an chance for cat owners and cat lovers to come see all pure breed cats, get their cats checked by a vet, participate in best of breed championship of Lebanon, and get the chance to win many prizes. A section will specialized for cats offered for adoption, and hopefully many cats will find a new loving parents and a home to keep their safe away from streets. In addition, Pure Breed Cat lovers will have the chance to get their cats checked by International Judges and get an International Certificate of Breed and compete among various championships which will be hosted by the club in this event and future events. The event will be a hub for cat lovers, and a furry warm atmosphere for the cats themselves. 

The Club will invite cat owners and lovers to join its membership program and register their cats in the Lebanon Cat Database, which will be for a very supportive annual fee which will be targeted to support the events and festivals the Club will carry throughout the year. Members in return will gain various benefits. Being a member, will give the opportunity to get an international certification for cat breed by judges. In addition, members will be able to request info about availability of breeding mates for their cats, and will be able to get discounted prices at various pet supplies shops and vet clinics all around Lebanon. Another benefit that the club members will benefit from is a free consultation about cats physical and mental health and the recommended methods to deal and treat their pets; of course this will be through the club's own licensed vets and animal psychologists.

What Will Your Money Be Used For?

The plan is to raise an amount of USD 5,000 through your contributions on Zoomaal. Why did we set this amount? The club's first event planned budget is about USD 7,500, part of which will be self-funded by the club's fund that the partners can go for, as for the revenue from Zoomaal, it is planned to cover the following:

Revenue from Zoomaal:
 USD 1,000  -  Zoomaal + Rewards Fees
 USD 1,400  -  Venue Rental with Logistics
 USD 900  -  Printings, Tickets, and Marketing
 USD 1,700  -  International Judges Accommodation & Travel & Fees
Items that is already in progress in will be covered from club's fund are:
 USD 1,200  -  Customized Show Paddocks for Cats made to be stressless and Comfortable
 USD 1,300  -  Material, Equipment and Stationary including the Gifts and Rewards as well as prizes for participants

Other Ways You Can Help 

If it is not possible to contribute through funding the club and its first event, it would be greatly appreciated and loved if you could help the club getting known through the cat lovers community in Lebanon, and spreading the word of its event and objectives to help better gather the most love for cats and their safe environments.

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We are a group of Cat Lovers who founded the International Cat Club of Lebanon to help raise awareness about the proper methods of raising and treating cats, and the importance of castration and minimizing the number of street cats.…

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Contributors will benefit from a free annual club membership and thus enjoy all membership benefits for free for 12 months.
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Contributors will get all the experienced consultation and help needed to find a cat they are looking for which suits their environment or a cat to adopt whether from Lebanon or from Abroad.
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Contributors will be offered a free Cat Photo-shoot for their cat and themselves. This will be offered to be done at home or at studio.
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