Festival of Music Electronic Casablanca 2015

Music Festival facilitate the promotion and dissemination of contemporary music
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

What is Festival of Music Electronic Casablanca ?

 large cultural gathering expected of the Moroccan population,

generously reflects the diversity of musical artistic expression. Combined with the many

artists, associations, institutions, municipalities

This event is an invitation to open to all public institutions and foster exchanges between different artistic universe sometimes borrowing paths surprising: listening to music outdoors, highlight music,Dance, always associated with the Festival of Music Electronic Casablanca,

Finally, the enthusiasm generated by the Festival of Music Electronic Casablanca reflects the sincere gratitude of

audience for amateur or professional musicians and musicians, everyone enthusiasts

their art and offering moments and sharing the Moroccan public.

Festival of Music Electronic Casablanca is a platform for showcases, a place for meeting and exchange, for dialogues focused on encouraging the growth of talents within the independent music scene.

We aim to offer the growth of the music scene by supporting it, to be able to reach its full potential and prosper.

The 1st edition of Festival of Music Electronic Casablanca is schedule between the 24th and the 26th of December 2015 in Casablanca. It will present:

- Rich musical program of 30 Dj acts in 2 different venues

- An intimate professional workshop

- A Kids' workshop

- An open lecture

- The invitation of 20 international professionals 

- A volunteer program

Why do we need your support?

We are missing a small amount to be able to cover one of the main activities of the festival: Networking & development!

Festival of Music Electronic Casablanca has been established in partnership with the FOR A SMILE . 

 we have applied for the AFAC music grant, and hoping for a positive answer.

The fund we have till now will be enough to cover the cost for flights, accommodation,  the artists performing in Festival of Music Electronic Casablanca.

It will also cover the technical cost of the festival (sound engineering, light designer & operator...)

What we still need, is the budget to invite the international professionals, and the lecturers or speakers. The professionals will be covering their own flight expenses, but we offered to cover their accommodation and their local transportation.

The presence of these professionals is what makes Festival of Music Electronic Casablanca a special platform for the musicians from the Africa region.

The direct encounter between the musicians and the professionals will create potential exchange, potential export, potential collaboration.

To also be a real scene for the development of the music infrastructure, the workshops and the lectures are an essential key. The rest of the money will then be used to cover all expenses for a legal professional from Europe, to give a workshop on the copyrighting, synchronization and more important topics on the legal aspect of music industry.

Your contribution will make the festival reach its main objective, and be a real platform, that musicians can trust to be their pathway to the international music scene

Your participation will help us support musicians who have all what it takes to be successful, but only need the exposure Beirut&Beyond works to offer them.

To support Festival of Music Electronic Casablanca , you can also:

- Be part of the volunteers program; you can spend 3 full days on stages, in back stages, and help us make the musicians' experience an unforgettable one!

- Spread the word about our campaign. Talk to your friends, family, colleagues... Maybe they also want to be part of  Festival of Music Electronic Casablanca.

Thanks to our friends at Zoomal, its easier than ever to support this Festival , just click “Fund This Project” and follow the instructions.

AND! We have some gifts we can offer you in return, so when you contribute, please choose from our Rewards below. 

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Card to attend the ceremony. Your contribution means a lot; we hope you enjoy the show.
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Card to attend the ceremony. In addition to the shirt thank your help.
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In addition to the card in to the ceremony, and a special concert shirt, you will be able to participate in the reception organized at the opening ceremony, in the city of Casablanca,
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You have our sincere thanks. We are honored journalist coming to our conference, and the ceremony. Enjoy the show, you are an integral part of the festival.
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