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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

What is Caffeine platform ?

Caffeine platform "It's an integrated educational and training  network , specialized in providing the training courses in interactive interesting methods  .

the courses are being presented in an easy and simple way  in Arabic , they deal with the modern topics  in their areas  which encourage the individuals to learn , train and work  on  real projects and to earn money .

In 2011 we started planning to the idea and we cooperated to spread several training courses locally and on the INTERNET  websites and our training courses had got a great turnout , and we are seeking the development  on the educational and training level adding unexpected content through an educational platform with great traits making it a unique and one of its kind 

What is the effect we are aiming at?

 we are aiming to be the strongest network  in the field of education and  training

our goals are high , and we would like to invest the youth's brains and powers to open new doors of  learning  culture  and freelancing . This platform will be the first one of its kind globally and locally  to support the students and the powers of youth , and we are going to afford our followers the opportunity to make use of the Arabian Human Resources  to gain new skills to use them in their careers .

what are the interests for being a part of Caffeine  platform ?

through this educational platform , the student will be afforded the ability to  join  one of the  available educational tracks  on Caffeine platform and to initiate watching the training courses , to pass exams  and the challenges which considered as a great  feature that enables the student to comprehend the training content completely .

As a part of trainers responsibilities , that each trainer will be a supervisor on a particular group who will help the students to pass the exams and to overstep the obstacles that facing them in their educational journey .

Providing high quality Arabic content  to cover more than educational field

on Caffeine platform we divided the training of educational courses on many educational tracks which enable the user to choose the  wanted field and to start learning through an integrated  educational plan .

what are the educational and training tracks of Caffiene ?

the learner will start his journey with us through the registeration in a specific educational track to learn a group of skills that he needs to pass the next levels then, he will choose specialization that suitable for him providing many opened doors for him

the track covers about 10:12 course , every course conatians about 10:15 lesson , covering all the subject directly . the process of determing the learner level is through the exams and the challneges of every level 

what are our needs ?

Launching stage :- to achieve our goals, we are aiming to collect 25000$ to complete the following  :-

1-  recording  the training courses and registering the educational tracks with medium quality

2-  structuring the electronic platform

3-  hiring servers and modems with medium potentials 

4-  paid electronic publicity campaign on networking websites

extending growth in case of reaching 50000$

1-  increasing the technical potentials and the production equipment 

2-  dealing with specialized expertise for developing the electronic platform

3-  providing servers with higher powers to contain bigger number of users

4-  expanding our electronic campaign and spreading it over a big region of the Arab world

Caffeine Ultimate in the case of reaching 80000$

1-  opening new educational tracks and magnetizing the  superior competencies to represent the website 

2-  coordination with representatives in Arab countries to be centers for providing the exams 

3-  recruiting team for manging  subscriptions and  processing requests

4-  registering the platform world wide and  confirming it as open source educational platform

5-  to cover its costs of video and audio recording  for the training courses with high quality

6-  supporting direct education

7-  marketing and promotion for our digital platform

help us with another ways ?

you are believing in our project and our investment of the brains and you are sharing the same ambitions with us but you are not able to pay the costs , you can help us with another way .

be the ambassador of the project , send the videos to your firends , tell the people about our idea and contribute in making our project comes true

. Do you have a Facebook page or an active  account on twitter , help us to promote the idea to your friends and publish it on your account

. tell us about your suggestions and your thoughts , contact us on our Facebook page of through our e-mail .

Be one of the change leaders and contribute in delivering our idea to the Arab world

Note : If you can not deposit money here, you can send a message to the number 962785046549 containing the word, and you will be coordinated directly

Thank you. 

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Integrated educational platform, providing teaching training and employment. The idea began in 2011, the founder Mohamad Alayan began to develop the future vision of the idea until the image has been completed in full in 2014. Mohammed holds a Bachelor's…

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