Building a football field in Al Menjiz

Help us alleviate the pain and increase the number of joyful moments of the youth of Al Menjiz
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Youth of Menjiz and of surrounding villages 


 The project consists of building a football field where Al Menjiz's youth could practice sports while having healthy social interactions. Additionally, having a proper football field would also encourage the youth to stay longer in summer and stir up social relations on Menjiz. It is also interesting to note that Menjiz is one of the only Christian village in a Sunni area, having a good football field would encourage young people from the surrounding villages to come to Menjiz, impacting in a positive way inter-religious dialogue and interaction needed in the area 


Al Menjiz is a rather isolated village on the border area with 500 villagers living all year long and around 1400 people in summer. Due to their means, the municipality of Al Menjiz does not have any recreational areas or sports facilities available for its youth.

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