Back pain prevention - infographics video

One of Creative & simple public health awareness video series targeting all segments of society
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This project is a short awareness video in a creative and modern way to rise health and preventive awareness, targeting all segments of society.

The back pain prevention video, one of awareness video series will be produced later.

In this video we will go through some of most important reasons of back pain and daily bad habits and how to avoid them

Why Back pain especially ?

I especially chose this topic because; through my experience and interaction with people i found that back pain one of the most common symptoms among all age categories, the majority are suffering back pain whether they have office job, physical job or even who are spending most ot their time at home.

Why infographics video especially ?

Infographics style is a creative,interesting, modern and powerful way to express a meaningful message to all age categories and all segments of society. It also doesn’t need big cost or long time to be produced.

What does this project mean for us ?

This project is the window through which we convert our ideas and skills into a tangible thing (perceptible), which would be useful for the society.

Why would you like to finance this project ?

Long time ago i was trying to develop my skills in hope to produce similar projects but without  financial support it seems difficult, so with your finance we can reach our goal in a perfect time with high quality results, which guarantees success and show our aimed message behind this work. So if i could collect the required financial i’ll be able to hire professional team for preparing and implementation of required stuff (storyboard, design, animation, visual effects, voice over, sound effects, soundtrack, art direction and promotion).

Benefits you can get:

For your investment and contribution in dissemination of science and advancement of society, we will mention the contributors in the description of the video in thankful and appreciative way, but there is a special gift for top funders/contributors, their names will mentioned in the end of the video and some of them will mentioned as official sponsors, all this we will do according to amount of funding

If you like the project and unable to finance!

Don’t worry i just same like you, So I’m here in Zoomaal, to promote the project so you can provide us help about this project by sharing it as well as by your valuable suggestions in order to get the required finance.Thanks all for your concentration and cooperation.

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