Support our team from ALEXU university to make it possible to represent the Arab region in ACM ICPC 2018
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 03 Jun,2017

This project has not been successfully funded. Sorry!

Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (abbreviated as ACM-ICPC) is an annual competitive programming competition among the universities of the world. In order to compete in the international competition, teams must qualify from the national contest (Nation wide, Egypt in our case) to the regional contest and then qualify from the regional contest (Region wide, Arab countries in our case) to the international competition (The World Finals) which will be held in Beijing in May 2018.

We are a team of 3 members that have been training very hard to qualify to the ACM ICPC 2018 And now we need your support to be able to make it to the world finals and be one of the Arab region representatives.

We will be the first Arab team to participate in this camp.

The teams which were there in February got a gold medal and it's our dream to achieve that.

This camp will help us a lot to do better in the next ACM ICPC.   

We need a total of $3300 to cover the traveling expenses of the team. Each $1100 will cover the traveling ticket of only one team member.We have 2 funded still one remained. We need to be able to cover the expenses of the three of us to achieve better results and represent our Universty.

If you can't contribute in funding our team but still convinced with our campaign. Don't worry! you can still support us by sharing and spreading the word about our campaign among your friends and in social networks. Your contribution means a lot.

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Alexandria, Egypt
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I'm a Bachelor Degree Student in Computer and Communication Department who loves competitive programming and his dream is to see his country on the top 10 teams in the ICPC world finals!

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You will receive a "Thank you" mail for supporting our team
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One team member will take a photo with your name in Barcelona and send it to you as a Thank you for supporting us
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25 Available

We will send you a special souvenir from Barcelona.
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