its a game ,that two player will be inside a locked cages with a clues to get out,
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i have finished industrial engineering, and i want to start a business,
this game depends on creativity, two players team would be locked in separate cages and they will be provided with the needed clues to get out of the cage.
i need to make this dream true a 5500$
they will be spend on 2000$ to buy a design, 500$ to the production and 3000$ to rent a good place to implement the game .
also ramadan is so close so if  i did not reach my goals the fund will be spend to help us on buying goods to poor people and make some breakfast to the orphans.
please share this campaign !

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Amman, Jordan
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i am a fresh graduate industrial engineering , i like a creative thinking and to make a new thing from unused stuff i have a ability to manage bushiness am working now at fine factory in logistics and supply chain

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