There are 3 steps to be a prince, select consumer culture, turn your income, add another job.
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Be Prince

Prince is the project requires practical steps, but is also thought to have a creative and culture, any step devoid of culture will be stalled.

The family site we as an association of its founding, is a service for anyone who wants to live a prince, and that we mean the access to the stability and balance and self-sufficiency.

We as an association charitable family lived Arab reality, we have seen the extent of the need to reduce the incidence of poverty and suffering, is the sustainability of the most important culture and means of addressing the shortage of resources, and are convinced that every one of us wants to live a prince, but lacks knowledge of the steps to reach that goal.


We want that this goal is achieved through the establishment of a family site, which features from other sites that support a culture of interconnected steps, that is, the collection of ideas that already exist, but they are scattered, and we add to our experience in the follow-up to the social problems, especially financial, and this is established, our website home page about family culture, three sub-pages are include:

- Page consumer culture: where it is necessary to know the problems of excessive consumption, and determine our culture in this area.

- Page financial measure: contain methods of preparing the budget and management, and also contains software to manage intake.

- Page jobs ideas: the work and projects, with details of the feasibility studies, and with how marketing and business management.

In order to be distinctive in our services, it will oversee a group of experts, and will be distinct in terms of shape as in terms of content, from here there is a financial cost to create it, and also to follow and develop continuously.

Those costs, and after reviewing the specialists indicate that it will be worth $ 19,500 also includes the advertising campaign for the launch, so we as an association family, wishing to provide public service, and contribute to the development of our communities, we hope you to contribute and donate for the project.

The donations are you, where will cover the costs of setting up a website, you will benefit from it as well as you, so let's cooperate for the progress and development, but we are all princes


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May be interested to know that I Director Family Association, because trust is the most important reason for the exchange of tender, and it is natural that you trust someone who does not represent himself, but is interested to work…

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