beemomz...Your baby's marvelous moments.....with you forever

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Your baby's marvelous moments.....with you forever
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?


20 wring the moments of the story

to give it to your kid

To live through it the time line of his childhood.


Four young Jordanians with limited self-funding, gathered together by the idea and the goal, formed an integrated team in the specialty and tasks. More than a year passed, the idea became true...which is the first and the only in Arab world.. and under the slogan of “every kid has a story” we published......“beemomz”

beemomz….what is it?

Is the ultimate solution and the first of its kind in the Arab world that carry a real added  optimization - value for mothers and children using the recent mobile phone technology and the Internet to provide the mother's a wide range of innovative tools to be added to the experience of motherhood with a new sense in a new way  through documenting the unforgettable moments of her baby since the decision of pregnancy, sharing moments with families and friends.

beemomz…your baby’s unforgettable moments won’t be forgotten any more

Those wonderful moments that stirred feelings of the whole family, the moment of pregnancy announcment, the moment of your baby delivery, the tears of the father, the feelings of the mother, the happinies of grands, the baby first smile, his first reaction, his first word, his first steps, his playing, crying, the first day in kindergarten, in the schools...which every mother make every single effort in various ways to document it in writing or pictures will not be forgotten any more with beemomz


beemomz…live the motherhood in new style

We in beemomz created the first social network in the Arab world for children through their mothers that made the moments sharing  of the child with family members , mothers , relatives and friends a unique experience in a new way . Where mothers exchanging moments, media, occasions and events by interacting with. Following, wow and even comments

beemomz....making the difference

Th Arabic content, which the mother may rely on  to manage her pregnancy and the upbringing of her child-rearing healthy, behaviorally and educationally is not available at all on the Internet. So we are going in Beemomz to supply the mother the needed resources according to the age group of the child

There is no effective way for mothers to follow up of her child grow physically, mentally, intellectually and remind her with the the dates of vaccines and explain these vaccines and ways to deal with its side effects. We are in beemomz we providing the mother all the necessary tools to help her to follow the health of her baby, which will reflect positively on our subsequent generations

beemomz…where we are now?

We in beemomz believe in the importance of providing a service suit the user's needs. Since the first day of lunching the first version of the application services, we are interacting with users in every effective possible way, focusing on means of direct communication with them through their presence in mother health care centers in the maternity and childhood departments, in the center of Zaha Cultural park, monitoring & analyzing by criticism the user behavior on a daily basis to ensure continuous updates guarantee the best user experience.

and we are working on enlarging our coverage by providing our services on several platforms IOS and web

beemomz…where we are going?

  • In beemomz & Based on continuous feedback from users through information collection centers we developing the quality of services to get a better user experience covers largest segment of the mothers in the Arab world and the world.
  • Before the end of this year, three stages there will be in conjunction with ongoing updates on the service, launch IOS platform, the Web platform in addition to the service is currently available on the Android platform
  • We will provide the beemomz mothers a wide range of innovative solutions in collaboration with the medical community aims to increase awareness and knowledge of the mother, which will be reflected positively on subsequent generations

beemomz….The vision

  • beemomz has a clear vision for the next four years to expand locally , territories and internationally

  • beemomz allocate part of its operations for local social responsibility

beemomz....The team

beemomz....current & future income.

ٍSignificantly we do not have any source of income and we just financing beemomz through self financing through the team that almost covering the operation costs, digital costs, marketing costs

beemomz : the social responsibility 

beemomz aims through available income to invest in the society in different countries through support researches in pediatric diseases, gardens, libraries education for kids.

beemomz...what we need?

We need for 55,287 USD to transform beemomz to the next level as following

1- 16,395 USD = 15,000 (needed amount) + 750 (5% Zoomal commission) + 645 (4.3% Av. payment transfer commissions) for developing the current android version of beemomz to next professional version and to be available both on IOS and web

2- 13,116 USD = 12,000 (needed amount) + 600 (5% Zoomal omission) + 516 (4.3% Av. payment transfer commissions) to cover servers provided by Microsoft for one year to be out of risk server down including databases hosting, web services hosting, cloud storage for data, media and videos

3-  13,116 USD = 12,000 (needed amount) + 600 (5% Zoomal commission) + 516 (4.3% Av. payment transfer commissions) for marketing online and offline channels covering Jordan, Egypt, GCC, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria

4- 9,181.2 USD = 8400 (needed amount) + 420 (5% Zoomal commission) + 361.2 (4.3% Av. payment transfer commissions) for full time Android, IOS and web expert IT employee for one year

5- 3,279 USD = 3000 (needed amount) + 150 (5% Zoomal commission) + 129 (4.3% Av. payment transfer commissions) to cover IT and copy-write international expert lawyer for one year

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