Bedoubag - empowering Bedouin women

Unique woven bags inspired by tradition, empowering women, inspiring girls to learn a craft.
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Production briefing
Short Summary
I - a Dutch artist & designer - found my happiness in the community of Petra and with my back ground in Business Economics and Amsterdam Advertising I started a weaving project with 6 looming ladies of Udruh, Jordan. Reviving their craft that is not passed on to the next generation anymore, sharing the joy of creating and above all giving them an opportunity to support their family by bringing wool, designs and clients. Creating a fully handcrafted, authentic and unique product produced on the ground loom, inspired by Bedouin tradition that will inspire their daughters to learn a craft. Often the only opportunity for women in the rural areas of Jordan to earn an income. 

Our tasseled tote

What We Need & What You Get
In order to create a base collection, host weaving workshops and promote this unique craft we need 9.500 USD for 4 production rounds during August - November 2015. 

We need 1.000 USD for wool & other materials, 5.000 USD salary for the weaving women, 750 USD for promotion, 500 USD for training and 2.250 USD to for design, quality control, production management, promotion & sales. 

We offer truly unique handcrafted products inspired by Bedouin tradition that empower local women. 

Um Mohammad and her bag

The Impact 

In rural areas of Jordan women do not have an opportunity to provide income for their families. They are totally depend on their husband/families. Next to that there is no more demand and appreciation for handcrafted products so a beautiful tradition is not passed on to the next generation anymore. Bedoubag offers women an opportunity to work from home while taking care of their family, land and animals. This is done by bringing wool and designs, manage the production process and promote their work on & offline, locally and internationally so that hopefully one day their craft will help sustain their families again. 

Um Abdu Rahman and her two girls.

Other Ways You Can Help
Please share the word if you like to support rural women in Jordan!
Zoomaal share tools make it easy for you. Thank you - Chukran 

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I am a designer, artist and equus coach from Amsterdam. One day I saw an ad: to Petra on horse back and I knew I had to go. I packed my brushes and horse boots, came to Jordan, fell in…

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$10 or more
Big thank you and welcome to visit us in Udruh.
$15 or more

200 Available

A handcrafted bracelet from up-cycled 2nd hand jumpers inspired by the Bedouin Horse Decoration.
$30 or more

199 Available

One of a kind yoga belt, handcrafted in original Bedouin stripe pattern.
$60 or more

200 Available

Set of 2 handwoven upcycled or woolen placemats for a bit of Bedouin style at your table
$100 or more

100 Available

Choose your colors and have your unique shoulder bag made! Size about 35 x 30 with woven strap.
$200 or more

50 Available

A unique tote woven on the ground loom in traditional Bedouin patterns in your favourite color combination.
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