Beard/Cartoon Project: Cartoon for Refugee and IDPs Children

Beard/Cartoon project: To bring childhood life for the Syrian refugee and Iraqi IDPs in Kurdist
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Short Summary

My name is Ali Jameel, 28 years old, born and raised in Iraq--Erbil, Kurdistan.  On April 14, 2014, I decided to grow a beard.  The beard is a part of my life now: I made some friends, got lots of good compliments, free stuff, gifts, kisses,…(so many other things).

I also have critics: "You look like ISIS; loser; … etc." And my family hates the beard, especially my mum; she always asks me to shave it off. At my work place I have even been offered money to shave the beard. 

Well, I thought, if I am going to shave the beard, I should do it for a good cause. I don’t want to shave it over a “ragbi bet” –-someone I know who lost a bet and shaved his beard! I want to do it for something that would make everyone happy.

What We Need & What You Get

With 18 refugee and IDP camps and raising $500. per camp (for all the equipment), only a total of $9000. is needed.

Projector  $ 170.00
White Screen  $ 100.00
DVD Player  $  50.00
Speakers  $ 100.00
DVDs  $  50.00
Cables  $  30.00

The Impact
As instinctive and resilient as children can be, I am so confident that they are creatively entertaining themselves in their new, makeshift environments.  And to add to their childhood memories at such a crucial time, I would love to provide a projector, DVD player, DVDs, and other equipment. Together, we can pool money and make this project happen. In the end, I will completely shave off my beard :). 
I have been volunteering for a local NGO in my home country to show cartoons for an hour once a week. But, I never thought 1 day was enough for kids to watch cartoon. 

Other Ways You Can Help
If you cant contribute money, I am sure that you have that old DVD sitting on your book shelf. You can contribute that. A projector that you are not using anymore. A white screen you said you will buy it but later it was a mistake, not its time to fix that mistake. Anything that you think will this project happen is a good contribution. 

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Erbil ( Irbil ), Iraq
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I am 28 years old, an easy going person who likes to enjoy the moment. I like helping people around me and I like sport. I am on my 6 pack mission. Outdoor activities, social activities (I organize sometimes), music,…

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And to the one who donates the most, I will give the honor of shaving my beard :) and one special $1
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