Creating Maker Space in portsaid City

there's a lot of innovate brains in my city but no space with good environment to incubate 'em
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

BEACON Portsaid MakerSpace

maker/hacker space we try to start it in portsaid city

our target is offering all science application solutions in all technology fields 

also we will learn everyone who want's to learn science like math, physics, chemistry, programming and electronics

  •  in our space we believe that "knowledge is everybody right" so we believe  in open source projects more than any other

  1. we offer quite and good place for inventors and researchers to help them get success 
  2.  share and engagement of ideas of creative people so we try to make network of this people to complete each other 
  3. good environment for everyone , ease, privacy and needed equipment

  • the space resources is owned by everybody for little fees to offer partial maintenance not for profit

  1.  in our space Seating is comfortable
  2. smart lighting saving the energy
  3. needed equipments will be offered like 3D Printer , laser cutter , cnc router
  4. in our space you come in with an idea you go out with prototype 

  • as organizers for the space wouldn't see more than people learning for free and make their dreams real.

  • for now we just collected the team to startup but buying place and equipment's is very difficult  

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Port Said (Bur Sa'id), Egypt
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i like every art in the world like drawing ,photography,videography,designing i'm also a mature web designer images editor i'm always believe in if u can't find some kind of machine or any thing u can Do It Yourself it's short…

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500 Available

we will post shout out on your facebook profile also your name will be on the honor board in entrance of the space
$100 or more
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50 Available

free subscription for 3 months using all equipment's with no more fees
$1000 or more
→    1000$ OR MORE...

10 Available

free subscription for 2 years using all equipment's with no more fees also open invitation for any event we organize
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