3d animation movie titled Basma - Smile

Basma is 3d Animation movie about the life of a child grew up in a village of orphans (SOS)
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Basma ( Smile )

I formed a voluntary Arabic team consists of 15 people and we still open the door to volunteers from the creators to produce animation  movies  and relevant message and societal in Jordan and the Arab world 

We will Spot in the first movie for SOS Children's villages, especially the children of parents who left them on the side of roads and without them at the first days of their lives

The film will be  3d animation movies titled Basma ( ٍSmile ) This film about the life of a child living in one of these villages( SOS ), and her life inside the village of orphans and after they reach the age that does not allow her to stay inside the village

And challenges faced by the community and dreams  

We need to complete this project least fifty thousand dollars ($ 50,000) and the production of this type of film you need to huge amounts of money as everyone knows, and up to tens of millions. The amount required is instead a nominal fees and no real fees for members volunteer team that will work on the film production at night and day, and from start to finish using their own computers and will need at some stage to pay money to production  companies for the completion of some stages that require the devices, high devices and experience

how the money will divided :

 ( 10000 $) : Model Sheets & Storyboard 

we will visit SOS Children's village in Jordan And Gather information about their realism and write the story and the script of the idea of the film by writer novels and with the help of people and transform the story and script  by painters to hundreds of graphic two-dimensional drawing manual and on the computer for each scene of the film has been up to more than a thousand a painting by the number of scenes. And drawing main characters in all their details and their emotional and processing by painters on computers to use in the next stage

( 15000 $) :    Modelling & Texturing 

In this stage will be converted two-dimensional graphics to dimensional three-dimensional scenes and all the events and . this stage requires a number of specialists designers. The clothing will be all the characters and buildings and everything is within the scene by special programs

( 15000 $) :    Rigging & Animation

This is one of the toughest stages in the film work. It will be equipped with three-dimensional designs by specialists special programs . And we will  Animate all movie scenes.

( 10000 $) :  Composting & Sound Editing & Video Editing

A compilation of film clips that processed each volunteer and installation of the vote and music recording sounds and personalities at expert studio and  editing video  and visual effects 

Note :Each stage need to fold these amounts . But the volunteers and the Low Salary . It has been reducing the amounts required

Our goal is to deliver the message and creativity

With your help we will produce an Arabic Animation Movie professionalism and high quality

Help us to make it . or If you are propositional in 3d design join to the team 

And help us to make all the world looks to their cause

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I am Marwan Almoghrabi I have a diploma in engineering ... and a certificate in 3ds max program for three-dimensional design of the Australian University in Jordan ( SAE ) And authorized from Autudesk company. And I have many of…

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$25 or more

1000 Available

A poster for the film with signing of the work Team + Your name put on the movie page on Facebook
$100 or more

500 Available

A digital copy of the film + A poster for the film with signing of the work Team + Your name put on the movie page on Facebook
$500 or more

100 Available

Special thanks at the end of the film + digital copy of the film + poster + photo album
$2500 or more

20 Available

We will put the name of each associate producers on all media advertising for the film & in the introduction to the film. In addition to all of the rewards Previously mentioned
$10000 or more

5 Available

We will put your name as a gold sponsor of all forms of media advertising for the film In the introduction to the film and its end. In addition to all of the bonuses previously mentioned
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