B2B Online Trading Platform.

B2B online trading platform, supporting small and middle brands businesses,
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Short Summary

What We Need & What You Get 

My name is Ahmad khaled, I'm from Jordan, I have earned my bachelor degree in International Economics & Trade from southern China. during my stay in greater China I had the opportunity to witness the enormous Economical growth in China and befit greatly from being involved in International trade for 7 years straight. 

To start we need USD $ 20,000 to lay the foundation for the B2B online platform website, Arabian Brands Businesses will be able to start trading under the platform.

The Impact

Trade Offers

· Cut down Closing Trade B2B deals time by 75% regardless to the available numbers of products & Services

· Design Offers uniquely based on projected sales target & number of products & services

· Transform numerous products to certain number of Offers

· Standardize Business cycle for both Importers & Exporters

· Offers applicable for almost every commodity trading industry, Supporting Arabian merging Brands and trade marks.

· Create positive competition

· Lead businesses to achieve projected sales targets

Trade Volume& Value

· Total trade offers= Total trade value & volume

· Service Large, Medium and small Business ,Importers& Exporters

· Create opportunities for Trade alliances

· Service best Prices through demand consolidation

Other Ways You Can Help
Spreading the word is vital for our project's success, it is very important that people get the massage, sharing the idea is very beneficial if you are unable to contribute and we are passing our greetings to you in advance.

Please help us get the message to everyone you know! 

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Amman, Jordan
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Born and Raised between Jordan and China, graduated form high school in Jordan and earned my Bachelor degree in International Economics and Trade in Guangzhou City China

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