Conference about Autism awareness and the latest news and treatment about Autism
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 22 Apr,2016

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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

We Keep Brand and Make Smile

This campaign aims to global follow-up the his latest findings of science for Handicaped People," young and old" , and educate their Family with autism how to deal with them and how can they deal on behaviors that with children so that they can exercise their lives almost naturally with other peers
In addition to hands-on training to teach residents what is autism and what Kiffa and the use of medications correctly in autism cases.
Conference will end by declaring the first specialized unit consulting Autism in the Gaza Strip, who have suffered and still suffers constant siege and war upon pressure.

What's our needs?

Our Initiative team works daily basis for a series of initiatives and campaigns about Autism awareness, where will adopt this campaign at the end of the confrance of the first specialized unit consulting Autism in the Gaza Strip which mpact in qualitative change of Palestinian society as well a change in the culture resulting from these kids that are not treated but through this unit, which will oversee the specialized doctors and specialists, psychologists and counselors in the field of autism to provide counseling for this category and then submit them to the appropriate treatment according to each case and privacy.

  1. To start this campaign, we need to:

$ 900:  training hall, can accommodate up to 40 people who are interested and family of childrenwith autism in addition to the guides and Doctors Mental Health.

$ 700: printed booklets awareness about autism disorder and how it is able to exercise his life normally and distributed in the Gaza Strip : 3000 boklet

$ 400: other activities for autistic children


You can  able to help not only with money but also effort and who finds himself able to volunteer in this campaign always open to participate in the activation of  community awareness out reach permanently.

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Gaza (Ghazzah), Palestine
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Youth group engaged in doing voluntary youth programs, including multi-training in the field of human development and specialized areas of health in collaboration with professional trainers, as we are doing field campaigns for psychological support and entertainment for kids

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