I was born an actor spent my life trying make art make me grow and let others enjoy now it’s time that the project of life take place here
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At the first there was the Talent!

I work in the theater field since an early age, for almost 30 years I was fascinated by the magic of the stage when I first got the chance of acting along with my father on the stages of Kuwait.

Besides being passionate about theater, I had a powerful passion towards the talent I was gifted and to every other talent tends to attract my soul, and so I got fascinated by the idea of searching and haunting talents in different creative fields, and with growing up If I may say I wished to be one of those talents haunters.

I worked with the crème de la crème of the art scene in Alexandria, I also got the honor of working among other creative groups in Egypt and abroad; In Sweden, Austria, Scotland, Jordan and Lebanon. I also worked as a program coordinator for a theater forum that used to be organized by the organization I work for in collaboration with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

When it comes to cinema, I enjoyed working with the late film maker “Asmaa El Bakry” in her film “Violence and Mockery”, also with director “Ibrahim El Batot” in his film “Hawi”, plus many other short films and graduation projects.

All of these past experiences and endeavors led clearly to my passion towards searching for the best and the brightest of talents, and to give them along with other researchers and art lovers a chance, a place where they seek a coherent learning and practice. And right here at this point comes our idea; “The Arts Talents Association”

The Challenge

The independent film industry is to be considered a valuable medium for adding to both the economic and social aspects of our lives, it opens the door for freedom of expression, knowledge and highlights the different social issues surrounding us. It also creates a fair number of job opportunities.

Every community needs a cultural and a modern art scene to push its development, unfortunately in a marginally centralized Egypt, you can only find the good valuable opportunities in the capital city of Cairo, with limited tryouts in other cities with a huge lack of well-trained individuals and production needs.


A nonprofit independent cinematic organization in Alexandria, a true voice and supporter for the independent film making and industry far from the centralized movements in the capital; an organization working on three different programs:

  • An up to date film school; to embrace students from outside Cairo in a fixed six months learning module that teaches different elements of film making.
  • A production grants program; to allow students to work on their short projects by the end of their study round along with an annual long feature production to gather the students under its making.
  • Post production support; includes the screening, marketing and advertising for the productions and linking with festivals and audience. This is to be available for both the school graduates and other artists.

This solution embodies the idea of continuity by combining between training, production and following up.


  • Complete transparency when it comes to management of the organization.
  • No racial, sexual, religious discrimination is allowed.
  • Team work.
  • Highlighting the social value of the cinematic production.
  • Exploring the abilities of each and every individual.


  • Supporting the freedom of expression in communities outside the capital, and making the cultural products available.
  • Supporting and developing of the independent film industry.
  • Empowering the groups and individuals passionate of the art of film making.


  • Training of passionate students in different fields of film making: (Cinematography, Editing, Script Writing, Directing and Production) by a fine selection of specialized trainers.
  • Creating a well-equipped studio for film making with all the needed sound, light equipment, along with digital cameras and editing studios.
  • Creating an online platform for interaction between film makers, with an open space to add their resumes for potential available opportunities.
  • A series of film productions every year between long and short fiction and documentary features and as well as animated features.
  • Linking.
  • Exploring new screening platforms to get closer to the common audience like in (Universities, Cafes, and Clubs).
  • Participating in local and international film festivals.

Expected Outcomes

  • Training of 35 artist in 5 different fields of cinema (Cinematography, Editing, Script Writing, Directing and Production); 7 in each field for a 6 months round (3 months of theoretical study and 3 months of practical application). That allows 140 trainees every 2 years to benefit From the school.
  • An annual production of at least one long feature film.
  • An annual production of at least two short films (fiction).
  • An annual production of at least two short films (documentary).
  • A production of at least one animated films (over 2 years).
  • An online platform for all the film makers in Alexandria to display their work.
  • Film screenings all over the city.
  • Printed newsletters about the independent film scene and artists.
  • A film library consists of different independent Egyptian, Arabic, and Global films.

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I work in the theater field since an early age, for almost 30 years I was fascinated by the magic of the stage when I first got the chance of acting along with my father on the stages of Kuwait.…

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