Online platform with a social enterprise perspective, to empower women working from home & small artisans to expose to international market
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

What Artisan's is about ?

Artisan’s team, from Egypt is aspiring empower women working from home and small artisans. Many handcrafters are not able to survive in market due to their lack of business and marketing skills. Even NGO-funded projects that aim to educate women in poor areas fail after the production phase due to their inability to liquidate their products quickly in order to produce again. With your help, we can eliminate all of these obstacles and offer the aspiring artisans a direct and open market to display their products!
Artisan e-shop is an online platform with a social enterprise that helps these artists reach wider markets by eradicating all barriers to international markets.

What We Need & What You Get

With your help, we can cover a budget of 12,000 $ to launch the website. 

This will cover our expenses for almost 6 months; and this would include:

Artisan's budget

How the fund will be used?

With your contribution we will be able to sponsor 10 Artisans to expose their products on our platform with zero barriers and with no initial fees to pay.

The Impact:

The advantage about Artisan e-shop platform is basically based on its business model, the drop-shipping model. By using this model we minimize our initial costs since we do not buy the products, we only spend on digital marketing, which is the main skill that the handcrafters lack.

How does it work?

When an order is made, we notify both crafter and shipping company. The shipping company picks up the order and delivers it directly to the customer. We take a profit percentage from sales.

But what makes us different from others?

  • Type and quality of products offered.
  • We hand-pick modern designers and crafters that can easily integrate ethnic designs into modern products.
  • This will make our products more appealing to our target market.
    Our concept revolves around fair-trade. The artists are our heroes!

Other Ways You Can Help!

If you support our cause and look to help thousands of struggling handcrafters to preserve their cultural heritage and turn thousands of women into leaders in their community, you can still help by getting the word out and making some noise! Share, share, share and let your voice be heard!

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