Custom made, witty and unique Arabic designs that can be printed on different material.
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 21 Jun,2014

This project has not been successfully funded. Sorry!

Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Short Summary
Art7aké started out as a personal project on Facebook that revolved around creating unique and beautiful designs using Arabic language only with witty and popular statements implemented differently in many design layouts. Art7aké grew really fast with its original content going viral all over the internet and started to sell these designs printed on canvas, only through its Facebook page. 

What We Need & What You Get
We are looking to raise USD15,000 in order to take Art7aké to the next level, expanding our range of products to include wearables, gift-ables, accessories and decoration. The money raised will serve accelerate the operations of the company along with the launch of its website to reach maximum number of potential clients. It will also aid with the expansion of Art7aké to different markets with custom products and delivery services.

We will surely give back to you depending on the contribution amount.

The Impact
Knowing that Art7aké has already made a huge organic big impact and sold over 50 canvases during its 2 months Facebook presence, giving it a push to go online with more designs and product varieties, while reaching more markets, will certainly help its growth, and help provide the market with a new portal that delivers quality designs and products for the people who want a twist.

Other Ways You Can Help
Sharing our project and telling your friends about it will really help us. Post it on Facebook, tweet about it, spread the word, we appreciate any contribution in any form.

There are no backers for this project yet.

  30 May,2014

16%! Woohoo! Can't thank the backers enough for their awesome support and belief in Art 7aké. I hope that the campaign succeeds so that everyone can get their rewards and much more.

On a side note I have edited the sponsorship packages and added some more sugar to them, make sure to check them out.

Cheers, and keep on being awesome :)

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I graduated with a Graphic Design and Digital Media Degree in 2009 then moved to the UAE where I worked as a Marketing Communications Supervisor in ADIB. Whilst staying there, I wrote my first 16 pages book called "The Fruit…

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$5 or more

498 Available

Thank you for the support! You will be receiving a digital "شكراً" e-card by mail as a token of appreciation!
$25 or more

194 Available

You are awesome! And for that, we will be sending you a custom Art7aké design with your name via email. We'll make sure you love it and use it!
$35 or more

47 Available

Wear your favourite Art 7aké design and be unique! For this contribution, you will get an Art 7aké T-shirt with your choice of colour, design and cut printed in A4 size to add an exquisite twist to your wardrobe.
$50 or more

39 Available

Now we're getting serious! For your generous contribution you will receive an A4 canvas of your choice, printed, stretched on a wooden frame and ready to decorate your wall!
$50 or more

98 Available

AWESOME! For your lovely contribution, we will be giving you an Art7ake T-shirt, with your choice of design, size, color and cut! What do you say?
$75 or more

47 Available

Feeling like adding a twist to your living room wall? Choose this reward and get the design of your choice printed on a 50cmx70cm canvas, ready to be hung to spice up your house!
$100 or more

11 Available

Woah! You must really believe in us, and for that, you will get one A4 canvas and one A4 t-shirt of your choice to brag with in front of your jealous friends!
$200 or more

50 Available

What's better than one Art 7aké canvas? THREE canvases. Choose any three designs, and get them printed in three different sizes: 50x70, 40x60 and A4! Now you can get rid of all those empty spaces on your walls.
$250 or more

7 Available

Are you serious? WE LOVE YOU! An Art7aké A4 canvas, A4 t-shirt, coaster set and mug of your choice, all yours, because you are extremely awesome!
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