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Architecture has been always the most important criterion in any civilization development as well as a scale of society’s sophistication, and the more upgraded Architecture the more sophisticated the society is with all its aspects. Talents and Architectural sense form the corner stone for Architecture, and thus these talents must be motivated and sponsored to be given the chance to break out and rise with societies to the top.

The project concept:

The project idea is based on lighting up the competition for Architectural talents, throughout reviving the architecturalcontests by launching the E-platform that gives space for project owners to launch and promote their projects as architecturalcontests, this will guarantee them a huge variety of ideas and a high level of functionality that fits their designated budget as well. 

The Project benefits:

Social benefits:

The project will help the architectural ideas to overpass the boundaries of time and space, and will support Architecture rebirth and rebuild Arab countries and cities which are destroyed due to the current circumstances.

Benefits for the projects owners:

The project will provide them multiple choices and ideas for their projects that fit their designated budget. The contest system guarantees the best results for the project owners, whereas the award is for the best and there is no room for procrastination, stalling or recommendations. Talent is the real judge here!

Benefits for architects:

Giving the architect a chance to prove his talents without restrictions.  Providing job opportunities with good salaries for the architect, interns and students.  Allowing students and fresh graduates to gain practical experience and strengthen their careers.  Giving the architectural entities (architects, offices, and companies) enough space to be introduced along with their works throughout personal pages to exhibit their works and ideas.

The origin of the idea:

The idea of the website has emerged after the recent dramatic events in the Arab countries. The biggest obstacle which the architects are facing in overseas countries is the language, especially after the massive immigration that happened in our countries, while they have all the experience and creativity. On the other hand, there are companies all around the world that need this expertise but they can't reach it; So we looked for a solution for the issues that hinder the talent from shining, and after neutralizing all obstacles and problems there is nothing left but the sound of talent.

Encouraging factors:

After getting to the basic idea, two face book pages (English & Arabic) were launched to gauge the people's interest and the results were fantastic, each page got 25000 likes in 3 months time. Two trial contests were launched also and the turnout was good although the rewards were simple.

The two pages links:

 What do we need and what we will get

We need your support to fund the launch of our project as the following:

5000 $ for domain reservation, building and programming the website.

3000 $ for website official registration.

6000 $ for renting a workplace and buying the needed equipment.

4000 $ for advertising.

Other ways to help

Your help is not only limited to financial support, therefor we need your help to spread the Idea and talk about it to people throughout social media and business related portals. You can help also in your suggestions and ideas about the project, and you can support the concept by setting up your architectural projects in all their aspects (external, internal design, planning) as architectural contests through the website when it is active or through our Facebook page.

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Istanbul, Turkey
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I am 32 years old Syrian/Turkish architect, and I’m the architectural division manager at Asilsan. I am looking forward to a better future for architecture and the chance to let the talents shine with full transparency and sincerity.

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