Arabic is a market for household services through home
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 25 Oct,2015

This project has not been successfully funded. Sorry!

Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Goal of us in order to help every human being can not work outside the home,

 Or women who Tsaaden their husbands by working inside the house,

This project is a simple thanks and try to help these people to be able to take advantage of their work as much as possible.

We need your support in any amount of money you think is appropriate for you to implement our initiative as the financial plan for implementation will consist of operational stations depending on the financial capability available are as follows:

- The stage of the $ 2,000: Book cover website and hosted for a period of only one year costs.

- The stage of the $ 5,000: You will be the site from which to cover the costs of programming.

- The stage of the $ 10,000: coverage will be free of advertising campaigns we will be doing everyone displays the products we have.

- The stage of the $ 15,000: technical support will cover the cost of each product or buyer on-site assistance needs for a period of one year only.

Please note that the amount would be supportive in the event of failure to achieve the desired reduction project

There are several social platforms through which employees from their homes to market their products, such as Facebook and Twitter and Anstagram

But we want to provide a platform and one for each person who wants to market its products

And each person looking for these products

So that producers sell their products more effectively

And all this without charge any commission

And other means of assistance

If you can not help you can share this news with your acquaintances, maybe there who wants to support us ..

 And most importantly, do not forget those in charge of this work in favor of supplication

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