Empowering The Arab Social Enterprise Sector

A web-based Theory of Change planning tool in Arabic that aims to empower Arab social entrepreneurs and community development practitioners.
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This project is about developing an Arabic tool for the Theory of Change (www.arabictoc.com) framework to enable non-english speaking community development practitioners and social entrepreneurs in the Arab World to better plan and track their community initiatives and projects using one of the best strategic planning frameworks used by the leading non-profit organizations in the world.

The Theory of Change platform iaims to bridge the gap between grant making orginizations and individuals and NGOs seeking funding by allowing fund seekers to draft and present their initiatives in a manner that is clear, consice and professional to grant making organizations.

The platform combines the Theory of Change tool with a task management and budget management tool in order to offer our social entrepreneurs and community development practitioners a one stop shop for their project planing.

The ASK:

We have completed the development of the platform and it is now available in beta. The developed platform is still in its basic stages and much more needs to be done for us to reach our final goal.

Seeing how the Theory of Change Framework is relatively new to our region, we now need to develop:

A series of How-To videos to educate the platform users about the Theory of Change framework and how they can use it to plan their projects,

Further tweek all the bugs and refine the platform's functions.

Develop a 'User On-Boarding' tool that will introduce new users to the platform and its tools

The funds will be dedicated the above.

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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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Muhammad is an Ashoka Fellow who has led a nationwide effort to professionalize volunteerism in Saudi Arabia since 2009, called YIG. Through this, he is encouraging professionals and the youth to participate in community-led initiatives through customizing sustainable development frameworks…

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