The Arabian vehicle is our dream

The machine industry is a pillar of the economy of civilized nations,imagine if we did it
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Industry is the pillar of world economics, is the basic building brick for a decent life, We that knowledge without action is the reason for the deterioration of society, and is the main reason in the displacement of minds genius abroad, and never to return, lets remember together and go back little in history, country like Japan after World War has come forward only when they realized that the industry is the only thing that will make the name of Japan's place at the table Great nations, men like Suzuki and Honda, despite the narrow circumstances after the war, they could and deserved to reach the success, but after they learned that the purpose of life is to make a harvest to gain rewards back, that stories started me in the writing of this project in positive gaze and negative at the same time to our situation in the Arab countries, Egypt's my home as example , and during my research on the principles of economic power resources , I found all kinds of industries are available and in abundance and in a highly competitive struggle for production and this is the positive side, but what really made me sad, is that those repressed industries factors economic weak,they did not learn ( Egyptians ) how to export these industries to various parts of the world, so what will make them certainly become locked in a local output in weak position, and never go forward with weak income , that's the reason beyond the poor life of the individuals. in Egypt, i have found iron factories and reinforcement and glass factories, electronics factories of all kinds, even making diesel engines and power generators, dear reader, countries like Japan and Germany, who produce vehicles (cars) and many others even America itself, did not reach that strong economic position only by start making  machinery industry, imagine for a single moment , what would be our situation if we produced our cars ourselves? Fact, we will not need for anyone anymore , how will be our economy? Each one of us will work in a new industry, the smallest nail in the automotive industry has factories individually, piece by piece, each piece a separate factory, each one of us will open many areas for development and competition, you will find young people act distracts them from the vacuum, and thinking about immigration to the states Others know that young people are the pillar of life, with all the sense of the word, the Arab car project will save the nation from sinking in debt Importing from others, those debts that have made our currencies paper defoliated without funds.


Why do we need for the car industry in ourselves? Only some of the organization and assembly workshop.

Everything is available, from glass and mirrors, the interior accessories, iron for the manufacture of internal structure, the tire industry, electrical wiring, lighting, we have all we need in Egypt ,and the Egyptian factories Guide provides all the means of communication with those factories.

Only coordination with scientific personnel and stimulate the energy of young people to start thinking about the prototype, which will push everyone to compete for the design of better than big stages have not left for us.


Please check this link.

From this site began my idea and it was a spark sense that nothing is impossible with work and diligence, in the previous link a small factory in America, the car industry in a simple and easy, it also provides training courses for those who want to learn the auto industry, even at home, and explains how industry internal structure and suspension Engine and Transmission, and many other advantages.

But what really attracted me is to provide industry designs purely handmade similar global designs such as the Porsche 911 and super cars Hrajr classic and luxury cars, and competitive prices are almost up to less than half of the original design and the rate is almost equal efficiency.


All we need is a workshop scientific research, provide us with all the technical requirements, engineering, the process to create a purely Arab car, our renaissance of the nation and attract young minds to escape to the Diaspora.

Potential weakness led me here to write to you that we are our dreams, our dreams and our homelands to be the most beautiful nations, that we find what we want, that we make the future of the coming generations to be proud of.


As previously reported, in Egypt, we have all kinds of industries that guarantee fully the Arab composite project and highly competitive efficiently, banks and loans are not consistent with the dreams and aspirations, what does that project even swallow the greed of benefits and becomes void.


Dear reader, hereby publish this article and this is enough for me.

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