As a 27 year old woman battling with depression and anxiety, the one possible way i was able to fight it is to write about it..
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Being a writer since i was 14 years old, writing a book was one of my dreams, but I never expected to be writing about depression, but on the bright side writing helped through my depression that was killing me on the inside..

To be a 27 year old usually is when your adulthood begins, you start dreaming about getting married, having a family and all the adulthood activities, but at some point I had to quit a migraine medication that made me so depressed and socially anxious.

The funding will be used to take a break from work, and still be able to support myself as i'm writing the book, once done the book will be edited and printed to be released to the public for free.

I found a way to help other people who are battling with depression by sharing my own experience..

Am hoping this book will be the mirror of my soul, and be able to help as many young people as I can..

If you are unable to donate, kindly share this post. you'll be helping so much.

Thank you

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Mount Lebanon (Mont-Liban), Lebanon
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I am Lama, a 27 year old graphic designer and project coordinator. I love all sorts of arts, especially writing and drawing. I am looking to start my writing career soon, and this project will be the way..

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$25 or more

150 Available

I will be sending an email to every contributor, with an inspirational sentence about life, love or anything in between
$100 or more

100 Available

I will be giving out a few copies of my book once it's done to some lucky contributors
$1000 or more

3 Available

I will be making a digital painting and giving it to 3 lucky contributors
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