Build a school for the children of Tarbat in Azilal-Morocco

Construction and equipment of a school for Ait Bouwali children who are studying in tragic conditions in the Atlas mountains in Morocco
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

El Baraka Angels is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 in Rabat, Morocco. Our aim is to contribute in reducing poverty through helping marginalized populations especially in the rural areas in the Atlas mountains in Morocco.

We renovate classrooms, equip libraries, provide clothes, food and medicines for people in need living in extreme difficult conditions in these areas.

Today, Our goal is to offer the children of Ait Bouwali town in Azilal appropriate learning conditions through building a school.

The video shows the difficult conditions of learning. the children are in six different grades, however there is only 1 classroom. two grades study in the class at the same time while the other have to wait outside in the cold weather and  under the rain sometimes. Moreover the classroom is dusty; dirty with soft walls and broken tables and roof that may fall at any moment. There is no toilet, or electricity or water in the school. The weather is very cold. It is snowy in the winter, and the plod is broken.

The school with one classroom exists for 25 years and not a single kid has passed the six grade. The teachers are often absent because of the inappropriate teaching conditions.

Our organization have always relied on the generosity of its loyal donors, members and volunteers, but the budget needed to build the school exceeds our resources.

Our volunteer engineers have already made the plan and they are ready to work and execute the project but we need funds to cover the cost of construction material, equipment for the school, logistics and other indirect costs.

The budget will cover:

- The construction of 3 classrooms 8m/7m.

- The construction of  sanitation including 8 toilets.

- Renovation of the school walls and garden.

- the purchase of the school equipment

- The transportation cost which is very high due to the difficult access to the village: rivers, absence of road etc.

Whatever the amount you are able to donate you will give the children of Tarbat-Azilal the basic education they need to become empowered adults who can support their families and their communities out of poverty.

If you can't donate, please, share. The children of Tarbat-Azilal will be grateful for you for any support.

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El Baraka Angels is a moroccan non-profit organization that aims to reduce all aspects of social and economic exclusion. To achieve this goal, El Baraka Angels helps underprivileged populations especially in the Atlas Moutains where there is a lot of…

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