This romantic yet hilarious comedy seeks to deal with social issues in a light hearted, fun for all the family way.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

It all started with a pen, paper and a dream, today G & J Productions is proud to present the vision of Jad Al Khoury to the silver screen. It will bring you laughter, tears and have you craving for more. 

Introducing "And Action", Lebanon's first Romantic Comedy with musical elements, starring and supported by talented stars from the Middle East. Musical talent Anthony Touma, breathtaking Laura Khabbaz, beautiful multi-talented  Cherine El Hajj and basketball star Ismail Ahmad, along with talented Jad Khater and Laudy Khoury. The list of incredible stars also includes;

Lebanon's sweetheart Frankie Walters, Mireille Panossian, Chady Richa,Suzanna Eldovich, Claude Baz Moussawbaa, Marwa Khalil, Vivanne Antonios and Georges Diab.

We appreciate any funding, big or small and even if you cannot fund us- please do share, share, share with friends and family. Our dream is to put Lebanon on the map, showcasing that our country, however small, has big, big talent.

The funds will go to paying for our equipment rentals, feeding the cast and crew on the strenuous shoots, paying for locations, and of course go into our post production and creating a wonderful product.


AND ACTION is a story about a woman on a journey of forgiveness, redemption, love and transformation. The story is already chalked full of fun slapstick and cat-and-mouse games, so all that is needed is some proper visual motifs and camera angles to complete the story. Like all great musicals, we are spoon fed serious stuff through song, dance and funny anecdotes. In AND ACTION We are dealing with serious subject matter, but like life, if delivered with honey, it’s all the more easy to digest.  The story of a woman wanting to reinvent herself is simple in that it is common. We all want to be more than our history, but Naya’s bravery is what makes her bigger than life. Her desire to go for it, is what makes her story worth telling. That is why we need epic, huge moments full of song and dance and painfully beautiful sunsets – but we also need those simple moments between characters.

Help Fund the Project!

Our contributors will help create the First Lebanese Musical feature. 

Our sponsors, depending on their contributions, will have exposure throughout the phases of the distribution plan and through our movie . 

And Action is a story that requires a great amount of work in order to generate Naya's world. We will need many resources to generate a believable environment for our characters, From the costumes, set design, camera moves, singing and aching, gorgeous melodies to the color palette and the tone of the movie. We, as humans, have an easier time handling the bad if it’s delivered in a nice package. We can handle the heavy stuff with a bit of frosting. Hence, comes in the Romantic-comedy vehicle that And Action uses in order to draw the audience in. Set in such a lush place as Lebanon, it will be easier to infuse this story with the visual heart, energy and love that it was written with.

The Impact :D !

We have big plans for distributing the film,

An agreement has been finalized to market and distribute the movie in Lebanon, the Middle East and select European countries, as well as festivals. 

In the Middle East, distribution will cover theaters in the following countries: UAE / OMAN/ BAHRAIN/ QATAR/ KUWAIT/ EGYPT/ JORDAN/ IRAQ. 

This story holds a lot of meaning to us, and believe it reflects many of Lebanon's inner societal issues. We are working day in, and out to make this story happen, it is apart of our lives; and now we need your help to be able to fund it. 

YES ! There are Other Ways You Can Help

It's not just about the money. Yes, we obviously need it - but we also need to build up excitement and momentum behind the film so that lots of people will go and see it when it's released. If you're not in a position to contribute financially you can still make a big difference by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter or via blogs. 

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Click on our Twitter page. 

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The script was written by Jad El Khoury. Jad studied Medical Lab Sciences and graduated with distinction from Balamand University, and screenwriting at FADE IN: Creative Academy. Jad wrote 4 theater plays during his studies for charity and they were…

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