Produce two short, story-driven videos for two innovative social ventures in Jordan
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

What is Amplify Impact?

Amplify Impact is transforming how the world sees the Middle East and how Middle Eastern social ventures reach an international audience.We produce and distribute videos for Middle Eastern nonprofits and socially-minded for-profits. Our videos translate the passion behind each social venture into a story that transcends borders and drives global impact. Our aim is to showcase the inspiring work happening in a region often defined by conflict, and to provide social ventures with publicity to attract supporters and build awareness globally. We plan to use the funding from this campaign to produce 2 videos for 2 innovative social ventures in Jordan.

Tell me more about these 2 videos…

Absolutely! Think Upworthy meets Hollywood.

Behind every social venture are individuals passionate about a cause. We transform their passion into a story that entertains and inspires action.

All of our videos are produced through a four-step process:

1.  We work with the social venture to understand its mission and outreach objectives.

2.  We develop a story concept, and write a script for a 1-2 minute video that makes people laugh, cry, or feel inspired.

3.  We collaborate with a local filmmaker, who films and edits the video.

4.  We distribute the final cut through a global network of social media influencers, blogs, and media outlets.

The two videos we produce with the funding from this campaign will feature Jordanian social ventures tackling issues as diverse as environmentalism, education, and human rights. We have already begun developing stories for several ventures and are eager to use our campaign funding to see two of them through to completion.

How will we use the funding?

We have set three milestones for our campaign. The first two milestones correspond to the cost for producing each video. The third milestone will cover the cost of distributing both videos. 

For each video, we will allocate $1,800 for development, filming, and editing. This includes the cost for a film crew, editor, equipment rental, location scouting and permits, and music licensing. We will use $225 per video for distribution, including paid advertising and media promotion. The remaining $950, which we have divided between the first two milestones, will cover campaign fees and rewards costs. 

BONUS: Zain will match every donation dollar-for-dollar, which means any donations you make will count for double! If we surpass our fundraising goal, we will use the excess funds to begin production on a third video for a third Jordanian innovator. 

What will you receive for your support?

Our campaign supporters will have the chance to meet the Jordanian social innovators featured in the our videos, receive awesome swag showing their support, and watch a sneak preview of the videos before their public release. See our prizes on the right-hand side of the page!

Why do these videos matter?

Middle Eastern social innovators are doing inspiring work, and yet they rarely make the news headlines. Instead, the media focuses on conflict and terrorism. This is a problem. It dehumanizes individuals and aggravates cross-cultural tensions. More importantly, it prevents Middle Eastern social ventures from reaching their full potential by cutting them off from valuable support, awareness, and funding from around the globe.

At Amplify Impact, we believe in the power of storytelling for connecting people across continents and cultures. With your help, we can break down stereotypes and build synergies. Watch as these Americans and Middle Easterners defy the stereotypes of their home countries: 

The Team

Our team, based in the US and Jordan, is frustrated by the tension and misunderstanding between the US and the Middle East. We envision a world where inspiring stories receive the attention they deserve. 

Ashley Lohmann, Founder: Ashley has more than seven years of experience in cross-cultural relations and digital video production. She previously launched and ran a multimedia online publication.

Mohammad Abu Musa, Operations: Mohammad is a Jordanian serial entrepreneur with a background in online marketing and operations.

Blair Scanlan, Finance & Business Development: Blair is a financial analyst for a renewable energy startup and has a background in consulting for governmental and non-profit organizations.

AJ Jindal, Technology: AJ is a product manager and engineer at HP with prior experience in web development and information technology. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Please share this campaign with your friends, family, colleagues, and network using the buttons on the left-hand side. Help us raise awareness for these inspiring stories.  

We would also love to connect with social ventures, filmmakers, and bloggers from the Middle East. Please contact us on our website.

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Launched in 2014, Amplify Impact produces short, story-driven videos for Middle Eastern social ventures and distributes them to a global audience. We aim to showcase the inspiring work happening in a region often defined by conflict, and assist social ventures…

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