Al Shmoah kindergarten (the second phase)

Completion of the second phase A kindergarten in the territories on the South of Bethlehem. Every child deserves to play
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Campaign successfully funded on: 24 Aug,2017

This project has been successfully funded with $3,212 (107%)

Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Who are we? What are we doing?

Things do not repeat themselves but they develop with determination to succeed

After successful financing of the first phase of the kindergarten project, through a successful collective financing campaign at the zoomaal site to buy some basic materials and pay teachers salaries, and win a project from the Polish representative for the rehabilitation of halls and the purchase of stationery and toys.We have covered kindergarten costs for the past two years,By watching and comparing your previous campaign, you'll find the difference

Now we have a mission to start the reception of children for the new school year in September, we want to continue this project for children and finish the second phase of it, where we want to establish an outdoor playground for children, and we want to buy outdoor toys also.

Since September 2015 the Al-Shmoah Kindergarden, with about 35 children, is working under minimum conditions. Hanan , Wejdan and Rawan started the project responding to the needs of the villages surrounding Alma'sara village, between Bethlehem and Hebron.

the kindergarten were running out of games, toys, they don't have properly furniture and the young mothers are in need of training and economical support in order to continue the education project. however, we managed to have a furniture project from the Polish representative office in Palestine and now the halls and education rooms are ready for the 35 children, in addition, we managed to have 8500$ as crowdfund to cover part of the yearly expenses of 2016. also we received some donations from our Italian partners, huge thanks to Assopace. yet, the kindergarten will open its doors in September 2017 with more than 40 child but we still need to prepare the outdoor play ground for the children to have a complete educational program and this is important to reach the minimal conditions of the kindergartens in Palestine to operate well. the outdoor play ground needs to be furniture with the games for the children.

15.000$ seems to be too much...Isn't that a lot?

Definitely not. The question is how we managed so far to do it without any financial support. The answer to is the incredible well of Hanan, Wejdan, Rawan and all the ones that in some way supported the project. But even if we have the best well, we will not be able to give the full educational support and sustainability to the kindergarten.

The amount that now we are asking for is to prepare and furniture the outdoor play ground, meanwhile, with the money that will be collected, we'll have time for working on a long-term economic independence of the project.

What about the rewards?

The most important is that you'll receive typical Palestinian products, some of them homemade from Alma'sara women. All of the rewards are modest things that we, as Palestinians from a poor but hardworking village, can afford.

How is your everyday work?

Early in the morning, from Sunday to Thursday, the children go to Al Shmoah center, normally until midday. The volunteers of the center work, play and teach with them with toys, plays and all kind of school supplies that sometimes are brought by the children and, most of the time, by the volunteers. From French and English lessons to all kind of didactic games the children spend their days learning as much as the kindergarten conditions allows them.

I don't have money...there's other way to support you?

FOR SURE! Don't hesitate to contact us. We need as much as a child needs to develop in properly conditions, that means EVERYTHING. If you are a clown, teacher, you like playing with children or whatever you think can be helpful for us will be welcome. 

Don't think it twice, If you want we'll also open the doors of the Center to let you see where and how we are doing it now. All kind of support will be welcome.

Still not convinced? Here we explain you more reasons to support us...

The inhabitants of Alma’sara, who made the choice of nonviolence resistance against the occupation, know that their children will be able to reach peace with knowledge, culture, the cultivation of their potentialities and resources.

Al Shmoah started its activities in 2001 as cultural center but acted also as first clinic of the area, with awareness courses on health of men and women, as aggregation center, serving as center for gathering food and clothes for the poorest in the community, as place of formation and recreation for youth and students (chess club, language school, internet access for students and inhabitants of the villages). The center has four goals to improve the life of the surrounding villages: Health, Information, Education, Recreation.

In the past years the community individuated as most urgent need to have a kindergarten. Until now it could not be realized but finally the time has come. 

Hanan, Wejdan and Rawan are young women, helped by the community, started in September, without funding and as volunteers, to open the door of the Center to the children who wanted to come, so to relieve their mothers who could gain a little time to dedicate to go back to study, to work, to recreate themselves, thus increasing their empowerment.

Since September 2015, the community needed kindergarten started to be realized 60 children already graduated. The children play, sing, they are instructed in the first education steps. 

24 Aug,2017

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24 Aug,2017

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  04 Jul,2017

my dears 

I am pleased to inform you that the project has become one of the favourite  projects for the site of zoomaal, and we are close to achieving the first Milestone,This is because of your support

it would be great if you can spread the word about it,let's keep going


  20 Jul,2017

I would like to inform you that we are close to achieving the first Milestone, 

where $ 302 remains to achieve the first goal .

Thank you all and more of the project's participation we will reach the goal 

  24 Aug,2017

Dearest friends, these are the last hours to donate. We thank you from our hearts for your support, without you we could not have arrived here. We ask you to join us in the last effort: if you could donate even one dollar more the Students will draw your picture and be placed on the wall of honor in the kindergarten 

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