An improvement to Alkhaymaa Coworking space to increase its capacity and make it mobile
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Short Summary
Alkhaymaa is a coworking space in Fayoum. It aims at increasing innovation in science and Technology via integration. Since we started Alkhaymaa, it has been in the right track and now we need to improve it in order to keep with our customers' expectations and to keep track with our goals.

What We Need & What You Get

We are going to improve Alkhaymaa to Alkhaymaa 2.0. We intend to increase our capacity, and get a tent in order to make Alkhaymaa a mobile coworking space for outdoors events. The estimated budget we need is 3000$ as follows

600$: outdoors projector to be used in our outdoors events
600$: a big tent for outdoors events
200$: chairs and beanbags to increase our capacity, and some internal redecoration.
400$: chairs and redecoration of the tent.
1200$: some equipment to help improve our courses include a lego, some electronics equipment like some breadboards, etc..

The Impact

This project will have immediate effect on all Alkhaymaa user. It will allow more people to use the facilities of Alkhaymaa and will allow Alkhaymaa team to make outdoor events to educate people about the importance of science and technology in our everyday life.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can not help us directly, but you still think this is a good project you can help us by spreading the word via your social network or internal networking channels

Mideast Creatives
15 Jan,2015

Mideast Creatives
15 Jan,2015

Moetaz Abbas
15 Jan,2015
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Al Fayyum, Egypt
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Motaz Hammouda, a cofounder of AlKhaymaa LLC. Graduated in Electronics Engineering in 2010 with Heighest honor. Obtained a Master from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in 2011. Increasing awareness of science and technology in Egypt has been a…

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2 coupon for a course for kids/adults in Alkhaymaa.
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50% discount on the usage of alkhaymaa services or courses for 3 months + Alkhaymaa T-shirt+ Alkhaymaa Mug + Alkhaymaa pin.
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