ALIENated Kasserine: The first 3D Animated Short Movie, Made With Love In Kasserine

The first 3D animated short movie made in Kasserine telling the story of a lost Alien
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

We are VAAIT, for Visual Art And Information Technologies, a startup based in Kasserine, the city that had an important role in the Tunisian Revolution.

This is Time of Changes!

They see the instable situation and they are trying to create stability…

We see chaos; the uncertainty sparked by uncharted territory, economic recession, and bubbles of opportunity.

We believe the culture is more important than strategy; Culture underlies the organization’s ability to adapt, and times of dramatic change magnify this importance.

By creating an organizational culture of revolution, you can spark a new paradigm for creative changes

This is the culture where Innovation and strategic advantage hinge on our ability to anticipate a vision of human creativity despite the living situation.

We decided to create the first 3D animated short movie made in Kasserine with computer graphic materials merged into filmed footage.

A short movie telling the story of an Alien journey in the city after a crash of his space ship. The question is: How the Alien will see the city with non-human eyes? Without Earthen based prejudice!

This short movie will be defused on Youtube for FREE!

The budget we are asking for is 7000$. Everyone knows it's hard to achieve a 3D animation short movie but with love, passion and hard work we will make this real!

The money will go to the Characters rigging, Motion capture Finalizing, animating and rendering

And don't forget this is UP to you to make it REAL!

We will contribute to the Cultural scene of our city, sending the world a message that despite the hard living situation in Kasserine WE CAN DO IT! Because we don't have a dream, we have a VISION!

Even if you can't contribute you can still help by sharing it and spreading the word about the film. Help us make some noise!

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Kasserine, Tunisia
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Co founder and the IT manager of VAAIT, Highly passionate about IT and Visual Art. I'm from Kasserine where you have the power to step up, to know, to dream and ask why not?!

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