Aleksandrinke - Translating a book into English and publishing it

Translating a book from Slovenian to English and publishing it. The book is about a phenomena of ladies immigrating to Alexandria & Cairo
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Campaign successfully funded on: 23 Mar,2019

This project has been successfully funded with $2,500 (100%)

Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

We are a group of Slovene descendants in Egypt and we are very much interested in the history of the Slovenian ladies who came to work in Egypt during the last century. We are passionate about translating a Slovenian book  called " Les Goriciennes" by  Darinka Kozinc  into English. This book tells stories of the life experience of nine women who were touched by a phenomenon called  "Aleksandrinke"  Meaning the "Alexandrians". It is a form of women's economic migration, lead by many girls and women  to Egypt, mainly in Alexandria and Cairo. In Egypt they were known as "Goričanke" or "Les Goriciennes", since they mainly came from the Gorizia region in Slovenia on the borders with Italy. This book allows the reader to explore the exciting world the Aliksandrinke discovered in Egypt with its specific culture, geographical features, culinary and other specialties.

We believe that this book will embody and indelibly reflect also in the lives of today's generations, through the descendants of the Aliksandrinke, who are exploring their genetic past and discovering the rich heritage of their grandmothers. Moreover, we strongly believe that it will give an image about life in Egypt at a certain period of time from a point of view that was never explored before. Let alone that many of these ladies left Egypt later on and immigrated to the new world (North America,South America, Australia,...etc.) therefore, we believe that the book will be appreciated by an international group of readers.

Last but not least, this book is definitely one of the amazing stories of how women contributed in their societies in a very positive way.

During our pursue to translate the book, we visited the author of the book Darinka Kozinc who is also the president of the Društvo za ohranjanje kulturne dediščine aleksandrink in Prvačina - Slovenia.

With her, we visited the museum of the Aleksandrinke ladies which is also located in Prvačina.


We hope to collect a total of $1500 to get the book translated from Slovenian into English. 

Final goal

The second step is to publish the book and we hope to raise an additional $1000 for this purpose.

How can you help us?

  • Contribute before 23 March 2019 to help us first translate this wonderful book from Slovene to English as our first milestone and then to publish it in English as final goal.
  • Spread the word. Make sure your friends and acquaintances contribute as well or at least know about it.
  • We appreciate a donation whether humble or generous or even just a
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Krissy Kneen
22 Mar,2019

Krissy Kneen
22 Mar,2019

Farouk Kanawati
17 Mar,2019

14 Mar,2019

Katarina Persic
28 Feb,2019

Mona Abou Zaid
27 Feb,2019

Sal egazi
26 Feb,2019

07 Feb,2019

07 Feb,2019

Tarek Hegazi
07 Feb,2019

Omar Moenes Rashed
07 Feb,2019

Krissy Kneen
06 Feb,2019

  20 Aug,2019

Happy to announce that the book has been completely translated on 19/8/2019 and is being edited now. Soon we will start publishing. Thanks again to all of our contributors. As soon as the book is published you will receive your rewards.

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Salwa Hegazi I am a descendant of an Aleksandrinke from Nova Gorica President of the Egyptian Slovenian Association in Cairo (Snežinka) Nourishing young minds as a computer science teacher for 20+ years.

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