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Short Summary

I'm Khalid from Jordan who specializes in aviation science and I have a passion for the world of technology and innovation, development and deep conceptualization in various areas.

My dream is to provide a new service through application design (Ajjirni) which will contribute significantly to solving the problem of housing and to get the right property for rent in the midst of this acceleration in technology and development that the world is experiencing these days.

I hope that the first phase of funding will be the beginning of a partnership to serve communities and individuals and contribute to their development and progress.

Why do we need it and what do we get?

Application (project Ajjirni): - it is an investment project based on the solving the problem of rent and housing in Jordan; where to find the right property for the tenant without trouble or bother.  Identified according to data provided by the application, such as maps, images and video system backhaul IPS in addition to the details related to the property and therefore the customer can secure the property and pay online and the signing of contracts electronically.

The application has three main elements, which are: -

OWNER: - the filming of a video and providing photos of the property and locate it in the backhaul IPS system and provide all necessary data of the owner.

The client (lessee): - Its mission is to select the appropriate property after a free preview search mechanism in accordance with a wide range of all real estate databases in Jordan and video images.

After the tenant determines which property is most suitable, Ajjirni will disclose information of the owner and the broker and real estate for a fee of 10 Jordanian dinars.  This service allowance will open maps that give you more features for the attached real estate, full information is available and more accurately presented in a manner which is easy and simple for everyone.  When the suitable property is selected the tenant, followed by the process of booking and online payment process, can conclude contracts electronically with the owner.

Mediator: - anyone wishing additional income and has information on real estate available  in their area with ease to reach the estate needed when requested.  The mediator can upload information and images/ videos on the app and determined the location on the GPS and save the application to appear online for clients.  He may also earn a commission on each follow-up with the client to view the property.

Phases of the project "Ajjirni": -  the project is based on three main stages: -

 Phase I: - the application requires an estimated 10,000 US Dollars to cover the design of the website on Android devices and IOS in addition to the expenses related to the preparation and application design, meetings, transport, connections .. etc.

 Phase II: - in the event of the application has been set up, the costs of the Call Center to follow up.  This second stage will require a higher amount.

Phase III: - Marketing, promotion, and advertising stage.

But if the target has not been achieved all funds will be returned to Zoomaal.

Impact and influence: -

The importance of the application lies in serving the goal of easing the process of acquiring real estate. It achieves the desired details and an easy and distinctive way for the customer never experienced in Jordan and the Arab World in a series of positive goals that serve the community.  In addition to providing extra income for people who serve the role of mediator who have documented their videos, images and real estate in their area, while the people who own the property and want to market it, Ajjirni will help them on this task with ease.

Ajjirni is a service project that aims to reduce the suffering of most segments of society searching for a property for rent and is put in the hands of a reliable tenant.  Whether rich or poor, the service cuts costs, effort and time and allows people to a variety of options provided in the database.

Other means of assistance:

* Contribute to marketing with us through social networking sites

* Marketing relationships and networking in their community 

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I'm Khalid from Jordan I specialize in aviation science and I have a passion for the world of technology like innovation, development and deeper thought in various areas and I dream designing an application (ِAjjirni) which offers modern solutions. It…

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