Media that reflect the Africans and what is happening in their countries in Arabic and supports the dissemination of Arabic and the exchange
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First stage (3 years)


The African Post project is a project that aims to find information that reflects Africans and what is happening in their countries in Arabic. It highlights the political and social events, the civil wars and the regional famines, as well as the issues of racism and discrimination. This media is written by Africans themselves in African countries in Arabic Or translates into Arabic and is on steps

1- Establishing an African-Arab website that brings together researchers and interested in African affairs.

2. The establishment of the Africa Post Youth Magazine (a youth magazine that promotes the dissemination of African culture in the center of the Arab youth and publishes paper and electronic)

3 - Africa Post (African) - Introducing African languages to the site (Hausa / Swahili - Amharic - English and French)

4 - Issuing a young African version of the African Post to improve the mental image of Arabs within the African countries.

Second Stage (7 years)


In its second phase, the project aims to support the dissemination of the Arabic language within the continent

Africa is the backyard of the Arabs. It must be invested because the African continent is the only one in the world where the number of Muslims exceeds 50% of its total population. This will be done by opening African rehabilitation centers to speak Arabic in the African countries themselves.

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i am graduated from Mass Communication 0 fouth rank Deploma in africa studies from cairo unversity

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