American English Center in New Zarqa

Providing an American curriculum for English in Zarqa for all levels from 1st grade to adults
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 15 Oct,2014

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Short Summary
***We do not represent the college in the video, only its message of the importance of learning English.

I am an American Citizen living in New Zarqa, Jordan. I have been teaching in language centers and primary schools and have found that there are no American English language centers in New Zarqa.  Most of the teachers don't speak English fluently because they are not able to practice it. After teaching at various schools, I have found that many people of Zarqa are interested in learning an American curriculum for English; children and adults alike.  This is why I found the need to open this education project that falls into the category: Community Initiative for Learning. We will also offer Spanish language sessions, which is the 4th most spoken language in the world. Our English sessions would include an Arabic translator, provided by my native Jordanian husband.

We are a husband-wife team who care about our own children's educational future, and we want to create a project to make a positive impact in our community; our passion only lacks the resources.

What We Need & What You Get
Funding will be used for American English language textbooks of all levels, classroom furniture, center space, supplies, and licensing.

As a reward for your patron-ship, we offer to you:

$10+ pledge: Social media Thank You & a personal invitation to join us at our current English Club

$25+ pledge: One free English class at our new center

$75+ pledge: One month free English classes at our new center

$150+ pledge: Community Sponsorship will receive community recognition on the new center wall plaque 

The Impact
There are many language centers in Amman, the capital city of Jordan, but Zarqa is needing a center in which their people can practice their English and we will use the center to offer an English/Spanish Conversation Club as well that will always remain FREE to the public. The youth of Zarqa need a place where they can get off the streets and into classrooms to learn and practice English with a proven American curriculum available for children with after-school and summer-school programs; and evening sessions for adults and university students.

We currently hold a Free English Conversation Club on Saturdays here in New Zarqa at a computer training center, but our space is very limited.

***faces have been blurred for students' privacy

Other Ways You Can Help
Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean you can't help:
We ask that you help us to get the word out and make some noise about our campaign. Remember to use Zoomaal share tools! And that's all there is to it.

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  15 Sep,2014

Sept. 15

Thank you to & Zain for promoting Education in Jordan! A special thank you to zoomaal for allowing us a platform to share our passion.

After teaching English/Spanish language to university students at language centers and briefly teaching primary school children, I found a huge demand of youth and adults wanting to learn the English language here in Zarqa and its surrounding communities, but do not have the adequate means or opportunities to practice their English already acquired. As an American citizen I feel that it is my duty and am eager to teach in this region because it is now my home and my own children's future.

For this reason, we submitted an education project to for their "Youth Education Challenge" please help us by funding and/or to spread the word! 

Thank you all!

  15 Oct,2014

Never stop learning :)

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$10 or more

100 Available

We will personally thank you on both our and your social media sites, and if you are in the Zarqa region, we invite you to come join us at our free English Conversation Club on Saturdays. Please message for location.
$25 or more

80 Available

One English session available to you anytime at the center.
$75 or more

25 Available

One month worth of English sessions available to you anytime at the center.
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