Accessor: Student I.D to all lectures

its an automated attendance system , taking the attendance quitely, fastly and precisely.
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Short Summary

I am Ra'uf Tailony a Mechatronics Engineer , I love to make inventions and project that would give the humans a better world and easier life . 

I made the Accessor projeنct and invention because when I was a student I was hating the taditional method of taking the attendance on paper by the lecturer , it's a time consuming method, and it will make the student mind out of the lecture subject, so I made this project to make the attendance taking process quite ,gentle and precise way using the high technology of this century.

What We Need & What You Get

Project hardware : 4000$ ( 10 systems ready to be equipped in classes which we will make contract with)

hardware transformation fees: 500 $

project programmers payments: 2000$

project work laptops and internet: 1500$

project furniture : 500$

what you get:

equipping the system in one of the teaching buildings in your country from your choice


becoming a partner with me in the company for a certain percentage

The Impact

this project will make a great impact on the time of the students, because this project respect their time and many spent to take the lectures, so Accessor will make the attendance taking procedure more east and fully automatic , which will help the students, professors,lecturers and schools administrators.

Other Ways You Can Help
please if you like this project help me make it true, not only by money , use zoomaal sharing choices to share on your social media canals, I really appreciate your limiteless effort, Thank you in advance.

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Amman, Jordan
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Ra'uf Tailony Mechatronics Engineer Inventor winner of: 10th position in stars of science program Global open tech award for clean invention2013 Innovation award 2012 Best invention Award 2014

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You are a trusted suggestor for the system establishment locations
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A discount to establish a system in a place of your choice
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Fully equipped accessor system will be established in a class of your country and you are the one who choose which class will take this system.
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Establishing a full system with a 1 year maintenance contract
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