The integration of women with disabilities in order to achieve her status and promote self-suff
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After the end of the third war in the Gaza Strip, which lasted for 51 days and targeted hundreds or even thousands of innocent families and forced many of them to leave their homes either to escape their lives or destroyed entirely their homes partly or under an atmosphere of bombing and panic and their direction either to shelters or housing in places other than their homes and occurrence of a lot of bloody massacres and in different parts of the sector and the case of permanent terror among our people what made the opportunity slim to work and get a source of livelihood to improve their economic situation as a result of lack of employment opportunities and the siege and the closure of crossings and the lack of Anciah projects and productivity to provide employment opportunities for men also hence the idea of ​​women with training disabilities to learn Palestinian embroidery and use of leisure time in the use of the needle and the production of distinctive heritage cut back by a private women who did not have the opportunity to complete their studying in university , but vocational training to provide them with a source of income Here, I had to make the Women's Centre to intervene to integrate these women in the embroidery department and provide them with the necessary implementation material but can not to provide adequate production of cloth necessary, thread quantities in addition to the inability to pay wages to what is produced from the products so go to you for the financing of this project and create jobs through the implementation of a number of women with and improve their economic situation somewhat in addition to spend their time and what is useful because they benefit as well as psychological support them through their ability to make them feel tender and achievement and outstanding workAnd capacity-building to marketing Mnottaghn and how to display to the consumer in order to achieve continuity in the project later from the proceeds of the sale.

The goal of a humanitarian project before to be a professional and income-where will be performed meetings guidance and psychological support for those with disabilities who were war cause disability in addition to that their sense of the ability to work and creativity through training in embroidery and sewing would turn the deficit into energy Tchaaraa life and makes them consider the future different perspective including we will present its potential to contribute in building their capacity through vocational training according blocked by type of course and give them strength as despite its deficit, but it Tmmlk best hope her to provide for her family and will have income that gives it the strength to continue defying the odds under siege cause economic situation is bad in light of the lack of funding and resources .. thanks to the financial support will be 30 women and girls have a disability crippled been transformed into positive energy towards themselves and towards their families and communities and contributed to the sense of as a man capable despite all his inability hope not skimp on what you have no matter how little you could help save the life of a man from loss

Alnnsaiah Software Center has sufficient experience in the implementation of such projects where it was implementing a number of projects has been to obtain funding for a training course for 15 Madrbhovi end 9 of them were Hswol on private projects worth $ 5,000 made the intern and her family are able to meet their needs and improve their social and economic status Bmka ensure their dignity in 2011

In 2013, in partnership with Oxfam Britain Foundation has been the development and production unit diet to produce Abannh and cheese and run number 5 of girlhood in order to improve their income and rely on themselves and help their families in addition to the implementation of special training courses for women housewives to be able to production of white cheese in the homes of milk powder, which receive it within the UNRWA aid.

In addition to this, the Centre seeks to build the capacity of administrative workers for not more able to determine their needs and plan for the Mmstqubl and looking to rely on themselves as possibilities who Imitlknha ..

But during the years 2014 -2015 there was no funding for any new projects since the Mmassadr funding in general has been weakened as a result of the multiplicity of wars and multiple other for all the slides needs and the need to provide food and housing have increased needs and contributed to the siege for 7 years also in the weakness of the general economic situation of poor layer of society.

It is our commitment to provide opportunities for vulnerable groups are always trying despite the weakness of the possibilities of assistance and support and I am confident that you too you will provide what you are able to empower women category with disabilities and Stsahmun with us to improve their standard of living human and transform their disability into energy contribute to building their families and their community ..

We are also confident that the people with compassionate hearts who wish to help, but they do not have the financial possibilities available will contribute with us in spreading the funding to reach the largest number of those who like to lend a helping hand to poor women to help them and Shopping for the product by involving them in local and international exhibitions annually and thus will play a role in participation in building society rather than being dependent upon and they are many so be precedence merciful not hesitate to provide assistance in any way you see .

Funding of $ 16512 value and include the following:

Training expenses (taxi trained for 4 months monthly salary of $ 300) $ 1,200

Taxi special project accountant part time (4 * 300) 1200

Raw materials for training and production of $ 7,000

  Transportation for women with disabilities in 2880 at a rate of $ 2 to $ 12 * for a period of 4 months of the project period

Hospitality for trainees to $ 2880 (2 * 30 * 12 * 4 meeting Shahuor)

Gifts of $ 560

Administrative expenses 5% $ 792

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