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Our project is channel for children, broadcasting animated movies which made by children themselves, learning platform and talent discovery
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Who are we and what do we provide?

Our project is a developing; complex and integral one. Our expertise exceeds five years in the field of children development. We specialize -by the nature of our expertise and previous work experience- in animation & edutainment industry.

We are the first animation studio which are specialized in animation films made by children in all kinds of techniques through workshops which the children learn drawing, sculpture, computer graphic, photography, script writing, audio performance and game development, we produced many movies which are participated in the most famous animation festivals over world, and making workshops in some European festivals which are related to children field ……
We supervised workshops for children in some international festivals, Dubrovnik film festival in Croatia for example, and one of the most famous newspapers in Egypt “Al-masry Al-youm” wrote a report about us:

The next step in the process of movie making was searching for talented children in the places they stayed in –in which they didn’t recognize the importance of arts in children’s lives-, in these places they only cared for life’s basics. Places that only and barely care for providing food and clothing, and those who achieve are the ones who can teach their children basic sciences in school, not to mention that arts is an unnecessary luxury in their eyes, or maybe even unfavorable for parents in the slums and poor areas. The main problem was: how to reach the naturally talented children that can’t reach us and of course can’t afford the workshops fees like others who can. So, throughout the collaboration with “Ensan Alex” project, one of the entities operating in the field of community service and charitable work in Alexandria, we managed to do the first workshop in the slums itself. And the start was a workshop on the area of “houd 12” in Alexandria. This rich experience resulted in the short film entitled “One Team”, it was a unique experience indeed, one of the most poor areas in Egypt came up with a 3 minutes short film that speaks about the difficulties faced by the people and especially the children in these areas and how they can be overcome by the will and determination. It also speaks about the dreams relating to their families and their homeland in these difficult circumstances and their hopes for the future. This film calls for a dream, just a dream, one dream, one team and one homeland. The film was written by a group of children with no help of others; they created and drew the characters, and unleashed their skills and talents in an unprecedented experience for them to discover these skills and their refinement under our supervision. This is our ultimate goal, helping talented in the manufacture of art in the simplest means and in any place and at the lowest costs. Just, don’t kill the dream.

You can watch the film, which participated in many international festivals, the Festival of Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2014 and International Youth Film Festival in Plasencia Encorto, Spain in 2015 on the following link:


Our goals:

Let's be realistic, not even a single satellite channel accepts this risk presenting films made by a group of children, or a group of hobbyists and students, as everyone looks to make the most profit and everyone fears the adventure, and advertising revenue is paramount .. And thus was the idea of “A4Kids” channel on YouTube which mainly relies on the idea of presentation of the films made by children, and Ideas that cannot be implemented by their owners and then displayed in the satellite or any other means of display, and the Center for the pool of independent art in the field of animation, particularly for children, students and talented. Or short, we raise the slogan of "from Child to Child". Secondly, and that is the second phase of the project, the channel entrench the idea of educational platform to teach the child creative arts at his home alone or with his brothers and his friends, or with the help of the mother and father as well as a teacher, of course, only when there is time and not the lack of material since the training is mainly based on how to implement and produce with the simplest means, leading to the possibility of the usage of creativity and innovation in recalling the lessons and presenting the homework as presentation that depends on the multimedia and stirring. And also helping the lovers of animation, and the manufacture aspirers and talented students who are unable to learn to engage in this field from home and even providing the ability to display their work resulting from their attempts on the “A4Kids” channel.

Just collecting the work of amateurs and the exchange of views and the supervision and support from our side and helping to repeat the experiment until a satisfactory grade and standing on the threshold of professionalism and its beginnings as a prelude to qualify them to the labor market is one of the basic objectives of the project. Creating a parallel world to the world of professional makers of this art world and also parallel to the world of big satellite that rely mostly on the import of foreign animation translated or dubbed away from our environment and our society. We walk in parallel lines, the display and enjoyment of what is displayed of attempts and new ideas, along with education, like any academy specializing in the rehabilitation and development of children artistically and culturally but more akin to online while continuing to support the workshops, especially in poor areas and discovering the talented everywhere. We get to the child in his home, and do not wait until he comes to us.

Our vision:

No child, no human being has no talent, what people call unfortunately scribbles or incomprehensible lines for children, which they only understand its interpretation means a lot to psychologists, we just seek them out, explore them and then refine then adopt  and direct it to the right place, it may be our children  trying to tell something  along these lines, we are with them  to start their creative fairy-tale ......

Why we need your support:

1. We need you first and foremost to support us for our experience by reaching of this channel to every house and family and encourage our children to creativity and innovation, just share our project page through social media and talk about the project with everyone you can, speak with your friends about the concept of being children able to make short movie themselves, we try to benefit from youtube views counts to manage our channel, we use our self efforts to get our materials and basic needs, We spend on getting movies and advertising, Especially selection of screenings, 

continuous supply of new movies to be compatible with our own, great effort to choose channel materials without financial support mentions.


This stage Prior to the first, it is stage of launching our channel, it is ready now, our channel contains already more than 25 movies, local and international, made by children through workshops from around the world, we do our best to offer the best ..

The link of "A4Kids" Channel:


2.Making of 3 episodes of Educational Videos Collection: teach children how to make animation through workshops which it is including all kinds of arts learning (drawing, coloring, art crafts, digital sculpture, clay animation, stop-motion,puppet art, recycling, computer graphic, storytelling, storyboard, photography, script writing, audio performance ... etc, in addition to programming) at the highest level of quality and HD videos, with processing of visual effects, one episode duration is about twenty minutes, cost of it is $1000, expenses include full HD camera rent ($200), location rent ($100), chroma ($30), lighting modes ($50), audio recording ($100), visual effects, motion graphic .. in addition to team salaries ($500).

The three episodes will be displayed for free on "A4Kids" Channel, this is the part one of Encyclopedia that will be produced in the very near future about Arts and Multimedia Learning for child, the one episode will take one month to come true (The first episode will be implemented in case of arriving support to $1000, and its title will be "My toys and stuff" which tell about how to make movie by simplest ways, just using your broken toys to be heroes and animating by stop-motion technique with camera mobile … in addition to 2 episodes with the titles of "3D Clay" to teach the child how to make 3D character, "The Young Programmer" about how the child to enter the world of programming, and the first level of how to make his own simple mobile game, which they will be implemented also in case of arriving support to $2000 then $3000).

 3. Organizing of 6 Workshops in the first season, we aim to discover the talented children in Slums and poor area through workshops in our city Alexandria (Egypt), It will determine the places where the workshops carried out in coordination with a charity in Alex which working in the field of Volunteer and Child Development, that is "Ensan Alex" project, the final products of these workshops will be 6 short movies with the title "Achieve your dream" which it has one topic, how are struggling to achieve your dream in the very difficult circumstances and how to overcome them, we will let children to execute the movie themselves, their creations and ideas, we will guide and supervise on them to arrive to excellent accomplishment, the movies will be displayed for free on "A4Kids" Channel, Films will be as a random exploration of the dreams and aspirations of groups of children in the future and ask important questions about the ability to achieve, It may be for us a hand in their support in achieving their dreams, God willing.

Cost of one workshop including needs, technical equipment, product and all other expenses such as transportation, communications and rental place for the workshop and materials necessary for the implementation of the film is about $500, workshop place preparing ($60), camera rent & audio recording ($130), lighting modes ($50), chroma ($30), materials such as papers, colors, foam and others ($60), transportation & accommodation ($50), finalizing & video editing ($100), one workshop take three weeks to finish (the total of workshops expenses are $3000, this is the final achievement in case of arriving support to $6000).

Rewards for Companies & Organizations as sponsors of Channel and Project:


Thanks for reading the article to the end, and giving part of your precious time.

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We will put your name in special thanks banner on the youtube channel home page as contributor in the channel support, and be the reason for changing the lives of children from the slums.
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As we said before, the channel from child to child, so we will put your child name in list channel partners on the YouTube channel home page.
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Certificate of Appreciation including Channel logo, plus membership card of A4Kids friends club, make your child always and forever update with recent developments and activities of the project.
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Subscribe to the free workshop for one child of your family which it will happens online, to teach him how to make storyboard for his own story, the works will be displayed on channel in order to be evaluated by the public and put to the vote to choose the best storyboard and idea.
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Online Training course for one child of your family, course is how to design paper puppets with the technique of paper theater.
$75 or more

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Animation Workshop which will be held in schools and nurseries, participants will be about 30 children, its time is 8 hours throughout 2 days, the final result is Stop-Motion promo for school or nursery, about 1 minute, it will implement by students of Entity and their creativity, which it will be displayed on A4Kids Channel "from child to child" with all details of Entity and contact info.
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Silver Sponsor - The logo of company or organization will be put with "Powered by" on Channel Home Page, in addition to special thanks in credits of the first episode of educational videos "My toys & stuff".
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Golden Sponsor - The logo of company or organization will be put with "Powered by" on Channel Home Page, in addition to allocation of award in the name of company or organization for the best storyboard and idea which is performed by the children of the slums, through the six workshops that will be organized there with the title of " Achieve your dream".
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Platinum Sponsor - The logo of company or organization will be put with "Powered by" on Channel Home Page, besides a gift from A4Kids Channel which is a short movie as a promo for the company or organization will contribute, its time will be 30 seconds, we will implement it by using the logo with the technique of Claymation (Animated Clay).
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