A3det Bayanat (A-Data) is a Co-working space pecialized in Geographic Information Systems- GIS
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Project Summary:

A3det Bayanat (A-Data) project is a co-working space specialized in field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

What is Geographic Information Systems?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a computerized system works on collect, maintenance, store, analyze, visualize data, spatial and non-spatial information for purposes. It supports planning and taking decisions for different sectors like Urban Planning, Production expansion, targeting customers. In addition infrastructure for cities which is created on Layers.

This system enables to add geographic data from maps, arial photos, satellite images and attributed data then process  / enhance all of these data to be easy for us storing, retrieving, analyzing (spatially or statistically) and visualize it on maps, reports, charts.

Why A3det Bayanat (A-Data) is Specialized in GIS?

80% of available data in any society, organization or even individuals originally is linked to a location, however no one gets the full benefit from this spatial / Geographic data. Here lies the importance of GIS where it is spots light on geographic dimension of available data.

Duo to GIS is a relatively new science globally and regionally, we have decided to establish our Co-working space for GIS.

Importance of A-Data:

A-Data is the core for all projects under the umbrella of GIS, and as a specialized in GIS with more than 6 years of experience in multinational organizations I recognized the type of clients in MENA region and their needs from GIS. It helps me to create more and more ideas with is still in the idea area because of the obstacles I have faced; Fund, Marketing and skilled technical team, therefore I had the idea of a co-working space for GIS. It will focus on gathering members, brainstorm ideas and implement projects which reform the society, economy and even our thoughts.

I have started to study the concept of A-Data, and already organized events during last 2 years. I found that it will help me to exchange knowledge, work on implement my ideas with contribution of more skilled GISers and move forward from just an GISer to an important player and Influential in GIS usage in our society and region. Therefore a Co-working space is the best way to achieve my goal, dream, project (A-Data), and for sure I can’t achieve it without your funding, contributions and support.

The needed fund for A-Data is 6000 USDs, it is distributed by the next 4 main goals of A-Data.

What is A3det Bayanat (A-Data)?

It is a co-working space for GIS aims to:

·  Provides practical training and workshops; technical and skills ( GIS, Soft Skills, Business Skills). It needs 1500 $ to prepare the educational materials, facilities and plans.

·  Provides support, consultations to ideas and projects for individuals and start ups (technical, scientific, practical / scientific, financial). It needs 700 $ for advertising and marketing about this service in A-Data.

·  Provides a co-working space for GISers (Work Space, Training, Research). It needs 1300 $ to prepare a comfort work environment.

·  Organize GIS Global Day events (19th of Nov) by contributing and involving all GISers, aiming to raising awareness of individuals, organizations and society. It needs 2500 $ to organize events in some selected locations across the country (schools, institutes, universities, expos, etc.)

'Daratech' a specialized company in GIS Research, expects that GIS market will grow from 5 $ billion dollars in 2011 to 10.6 $ billion by 2015 globally. By Funding A-Data, you will be contributed in the establishment of a co-working environment, which works as an incubation for GISers and their ideas that influence effectively in directing labor force and investment in Egypt and Middle East towards GIS.

A presentation about A3det Bayanat offering to a group of contributors.

An open discussion between contributors about topic of training.

A contributor filling a joining application to A3det Bayanat.

A training about public speaking and using of digital maps.

A-Data Impact:

The Impact of A-Data appears on different levels:

Level of GISers: will enrich people of GIS with advanced applied and personal skills and experiences, by workshops, projects, researches and exchange knowledge and culture which enables them to know and get in touch with different backgrounds and experiences.

Level of potential clients (companies & individuals): will provide information and consultancies, and geographic marketing studies supports take more effective decisions efficiently, which is reflected in the increase in corporate profits and minimize risks. For example, we have provided a geographic consulting for several banks in Egypt, has contributed to the development of a plan for the expansion of the branch network of the bank, which reduced the proportion of risk in the costs of setting up branches in inappropriate locations (where the cost of creating a single branch of the Bank exceed 5 million pounds, and the cost of such a study less than 15% of the costs of establishing and one branch), thus GIS may have contributed to reduce the risk ratio and confirmed on the priorities of the possible expansion of the Bank and contributed directly to take the right decision in perfect time with the possibility of different scenarios based on the needs of the Bank .

Level of Egypt and Meddle East: spread the concept and definition of GIS, labor force growth, investment increase and open new markets in our region which directly impact on economies of the countries A-Data will operate in.

Last but not least, the level of the contributors / funders in the project: contributors and funders will see their impact in the future of A-Data and GIS in Egypt and Middle East, in addition to capability of A-Data to provide Geographic Marketing Consultations for contributors and funders which enables them more contribution, investment, growth and profitability.

Finally for all Friends, Fans of A3det Bayanat (A-Data), you can support us by sharing our campaign and our project with your friends, relatives.

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